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I have, but only pre-9/11. It required 2 hours prior notice by phone, and don't you *dare* get out of the plane before the customs guy gets there. (Although it's ok to stand on the wing and pee if you have to - but only if you have a low-wing.)

Yes, I've cleared customs at ART. Unfortunately, I had to wait 30 minutes, because the customs people forgot about the meeting and didn't leave the bridge until I called on my cell phone.

If it's VFR weather, a better option is 89N Alexandria Bay/Maxson Field:

It's much closer to the Thousand Islands Bridge, so it's easier for the officers, and you don't have to wait as long if they forget.

Syracuse (KSYR) also has customs nearby, as does Ogdensburg (KOGS), which is at the next bridge down from the Thousand Islands Bridge.

Watertown is no longer listed on the CBP web site as an airport of entry:

Customs may still be willing to drive down from the bridge, but there are nearby official options at Alexandria Bay (89NY) and Syracuse (KSYR).

Reply to @david: That surprises me because Alexandria Bay is a tiny airport compared to Watertown. It's also PPR, and not listed as an AOE by the FAA. I think that listing may be for boats. The FAA still lists KART as an AOE, and like most small airports you have to call the nearest customs office 2 hours ahead of time.

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