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Airports in New South Wales, Australia

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Last visit there was a drainage ditch across about 100 m of the western threshold.

Otherwise, beware parachutists and when grass long and wet.

Today 08/03/2015 is a very momentous day for WOL(Illawarra Regional Airport). Today is the day that VH-OJA a QANTAS B744 VH-OJA takes her final flight from SYD to WOL, this flight is sheduled for 07:30 AEDT. The flight will last 15 mins aprox.

Fri, 25 Jul 2014
Anonymous flyer on Beechworth Airport view thread

Beechworth is not in NSW!!

Beechworth is in Victoria!!

How can you be that innaccurate!


Chopper flight from Coffs Harbour to RPA on 27/06/14, at night, enabled surgery on stomach and prevented possible kidney failure

Cannot thank everyone enough

Fri, 04 Apr 2014
Anonymous flyer on Wallacia Airport view thread

I'm all "four" this airport