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For the past week, small aircraft have been flying constantly all and everyday for the past week......Can someone please put a STOP to this as it's VERY inconsiderate of our peace and quiet around the area of Ocean Shores and other areas......Please act ASAP!!!!

Thank you

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Low flying plane for more than an hour this morning!

We live in myocum & most mornings we are woken to the noise of low flying planes. One in particular flies over & over for ages. Why can't they fly out to sea instead of flying over a residential area? Seems as they are a law unto themselves. Planes have been continuously flying low over our house for over an hour this morning!

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A Nice place to stay

They have good camping and huts, and its a nice place.

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(no subject)

A great and interesting guy, and a fantastic visit.

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PPR required, and power lines to the north (Don't try and over fly) and Power line to the south across the strip (You have to fly under it)!!

Owner is Dex

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Access Required

Am wanting to enquire who I need to speak with to arrange access across Air Services Land to the rear of my Property in Northview street Gilliestion Heights in install an inground swimming pool. Ideally needing access to allow small truck and Excavator to enter my property from the rear

Please call me on 0409 744 734 or email

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About the airfield

All i see is a golf course , is there a person that I an able to contact for more information

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Low flying plane for over 25 minutes today!

Who are the idiot joyriders plaguing us with continuous low swoops over our property and surrounding area of Myocum? ah, is this yet again the way our rights to peace and quiet are to be invaded by tourists and other jokers in planes? This plane was just above the gums on their lowest swoop.

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I learnt to fly based at this strip and found the owner (Bob McIntyre) to be the nicest of blokes you will meet. Bob maintains the strip in an immaculate state and is keen to say gudday to all those that drop in.

The strip is set in amongst his sugarcane crops and is a very picturesque location so take your camera.

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(no subject)

Look at 34 21 53.53 S 148 59 55.00 E Elev. 2,100 ft (3,600 meters NE of OA location) Appears to be a RWY aligned 1/19 1,608 x 40 ft (490 x 12 meters)

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(no subject)

Beware Kangaroo activity dawn dusk on finals / departures

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Easy flights if it's not raining

Flying from Port McQuarrie to Lord Howe Island for r&r/diving and encountered a large rain storm that came down in buckets. Had to circle for about an hour before tower advised it was okay to land. Still was certain we were going to skid off the end of the runway and into the ocean but we made it safe and the pilot shook everyones hand afterward (all 6 of us).

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I believe this is a hobby strip, literally packed earth and it's on private land so no public access.

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Basic but good

Didn't fly in or out of here as we drove in to visit friends in the area but went to the airport to pick up some cargo. Fun town with some great bars but the locals can get rowdy so be aware and leave quickly if you must.

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1.2 million pax/year

Flown into Newcastle on a couple of occasions and like the set up, it handles over 1 million pax every year and everything always flows easily. Lost my sunnies once there but my fault I'm sure.

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Love this airport every time

Been on international flights landing here on 6 occasions and domestic flights over 20 times in the past. Never had any issues with customs, finding information or connection times (when relevant). Easy to get around, customs is friendly and helpful and of course you are in Oz so things just feel better. Taxi lines can be crazy sometimes when hundreds of people get out at the same time but no major issues.

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Glider Soaring

Bunyan Airfield is the home of the Canberra Gliding Club, which has operated from this site for more than 30 years. The site offers a range of lift types, including thermals, ridge soaring, mountain lee waves, and seabreeze convergence lift. The Australian altitude record for gliders (33,000 feet above sea level) was set during a flight from Bunyan Airfield in 1995 using mountain lee waves.

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Amazing Airport

Flight was great. Got threaten by a terrorist but it was worth the experience. I would recommend Yass airport to anyone who truly wants a great aussie experience, even though I nearly died after hitting a cow but still it was great and there is only ten plane crashes a year. Definitely returning with my family, I definitely McLoved it!

The airport security was awesomely slack too, the staff all bogans and the plane took three turns to take off, but you know what? I McLoved every second of it.

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Interesting Runway

Last visit there was a drainage ditch across about 100 m of the western threshold.

Otherwise, beware parachutists and when grass long and wet.

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Today 08/03/2015 is a very momentous day for WOL(Illawarra Regional Airport). Today is the day that VH-OJA a QANTAS B744 VH-OJA takes her final flight from SYD to WOL, this flight is sheduled for 07:30 AEDT. The flight will last 15 mins aprox.

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Beechworth Airport Error!

Beechworth is not in NSW!!

Beechworth is in Victoria!!

How can you be that innaccurate!

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Saved my daughter's life

Chopper flight from Coffs Harbour to RPA on 27/06/14, at night, enabled surgery on stomach and prevented possible kidney failure

Cannot thank everyone enough

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I'm all "four" this airport

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Low flying planes

From regulation 157 of the Civil Aviation Regulations 1988:

(1) The pilot in command of an aircraft must not fly the aircraft over:

(a) any city, town or populous area at a height lower than 1,000 feet; or

(b) any other area at a height lower than 500 feet.

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Its not in the lake !

Its actually just north of the dam wall....

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I MISSED MY FLIGHT :( very pooooooooooor services)

i was told from the travel agent there will be a bus....!!!

There was neither sign for the bus, nor for transits

i asked Virgin airlines lady/lazy!! told me to sit down there till i miss my flight.

spent a night and slept on the floor (the Virgin, NZ flight and Syd airport do not know have accommodation!!)

in the morning got air NZ check open given GATE 50!!! but later got the screen board GATE 56!! HUH...

i though i will miss again my flight but asked tens of virgins employees (dont trust one person) finally got it yet delayed our time 40min.

i wish if i could get refund or reward for missing flight and accommodation ...can anyone hear me

my opinion to get Victorian employees in Sydney airport or close that airport.

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aeroclub breakfast

the aeroclub has a breakfast every sunday morning at 8.30 for a nominal fee. it is well worth the visti to Deni for this

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excellent airport

Deni is well worth a visit. 06/24 runway is paved, lit & well maintained. The grass strip of 12/30 is also well maintained.

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Yass Airport

No Airport

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tenterfield airport/ country to surf

would be great to be able to fly in and out from gold coast,,,two different worlds yet so close....

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Coffs Harbour Airport

Coffs Harbour Airport is one of the largest and busiest regional airports in NSW. Passenger numbers have increase from 270,000 to 340,000 in the past 5 years. The airport passenger terminal has recently been upgraded and has daily flights to Sydney served by Qantaslink, Virgin Australia and Tigerair Australia, daily flights to Brisbane served by Brindabella Airlines and twice weekly flights to Melborune served by Virgin Australia. Facilites of Coffs Harbour Airport include: Two Runways the longest at 2080 meters, Aero Club and Flying Schools, Air Traffic Control Tower, Security Car Park, Security Screening, Qantas Club, Cafes, and Modern Check-in and Baggage Collection Facilites.

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On the hunt for feral pigs

Awesome location for hunting, Pigs Goats, foxes rabbits at Tilterweira Station. Looking forward to my next visit with my 300Winmag : ) and not driving from Syd just a sweet fly in.

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Basair aviation college

Great friendly instructors to aquire your PPL

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What an amazing experience

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Refuelling at cobar

Didn't need fuel but on route from Walgett to Mildura I planned to top up ( always like more than enough in my tanks ), I called the refueller after we landed and he said there was an $85 call out fee, so I told him thanks but no thanks. We used the rest room ( filthy ) and got back in the plane only to see the refueller standing next to us right beside the pump, I opened the cockpit door and asked if there was still a call out fee seeing as he was here now. The reply without even looking up from his mobile phone was , yep ( and with attitude ). If this guy is working for himself I would not expect to see him there much longer, and if he is working for some one then an employment review must be imminent

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General comment

Good facilities at the airport. Short walk to the town. RSL good place for a meal. Accomodation very average, but people friendly enough. Very daunting on first impressions as everything has security fencing and grills to avoid damage from some sections of the community.

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Pulled in for a break on way back from Queensland and thought may as well get a bit of fuel while there. Fuel guy was just next to his truck and bowser so thought that was convenient, only to be told there was an $85.00 call out fee!! This guy is certainly doing wonders for the tourism industry in this town as I will be making sure I tell all my fellow flyers to avoid the place unless absolutely necessary.

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Low flying planes

anyone who cares to check will find that 500 metres (1650 feet) approx is quite legal as the regulations state that minimum level above built up areas is 1500'.

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Low flying bi-plane

I am writing to council and ombudsman about the gold-coloured bi plane imposing over the township of Brunswick heads. today you are flying only about 500 metres above the market area fir the benefit of one or two people and terrorizing about 1000 market goers, tourists and voters all congregating in and around the Brunswick Heads township. It is illegal to fly so low and I will ensure you adhere to the rules and regulations.

S. Buchanan (Brunswick Heads)

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Very well set up club

Accommodation and car available

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Friendly club

Lots of industry, including building Brumbies!

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Interesting stop.

Transavia and a MiG15 both out in the weather for viewing. Lots of commercial activity

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Heliport Only - No Fixed Wing

Heliport only

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I was wondering if there were any direct flights from Melbourne to Braidwood. Unable to find any so any help would be great

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Oh. Could not agree more. Sydney airport...what I would like to describe it as and it's staff would is too disgusting.

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im trying to book a flight to tenterfield can anyone help me plzzzz

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Small Airport

The airport is hidden under the trees. It looks better that way.

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Jemalong Airpory

Can't seem to find the strip. Is it still in existence? Just looks like a paddock!

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Good evening. As a recent passenger arrival and a resident of Sydney, my wife and I were appalled that we could not ascertain/find directions to the shuttle bus to "Park & Pay" building on the periphery of the Airport. Your wandering attendants had no idea; NO signage. We were tired, it was late, and eventually found out that Park & pay are not allowed to erect signage. GREAT STUFF. How dumb is this. We found the bus boarding site - eventually, after walking from one end of airport to the other. How the hell are overseas strangers going to find their way around ??? Don't worry about them. They'll be gone soon !!!

Next - Sydney Airport is (or should) be the GATEWAY to Australia. What a miserable, boring looking place it is. Why? It's merely a commercial venture. NOTHING to make overseas or interstate visitors feel - this place is so beautiful. Weeds all over the place - not a flowering shrub/garden in sight. Have alook at Changi, Singapore etc. & others.

Smarten yourselves up and make this boring airport a bit more 'user' friendly, that we Australians can be proud of.

Or don't you care?? Too busy pocketing obscene salaries? Over to you.

Anthony Williams. -

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