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Contact details

For landing permission call Gary on 0419 552 425

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Longwarry Airport

Is Longwarry Airport still registered or should reference to it be removed?

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Please delete it was decommissioned many, many, years ago.

Please delete it was decommissioned many, many, years ago.

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Correction to data

Australian ERSA confirms YITT: RWY 14/32 gravel - 910m length

Can the entry please be corrected ?

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re: Airfield now closed

"have they no vision!"

Mate, that statement could be changed to "They Have No Vision" and then applied to everyone in charge of anything down here.

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Private farm strip?

From the road this strip looks somewhat maintained, but it is within a farm complex and looks very private - I don't have contact details but the farm owner would need to be contacted prior to use in case of stock presence etc

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Now closed

Redeveloped into industrial land, another casualty of the urban sprawl.

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Airfield now closed

A crying shame for the Island, the owners have closed access and will probably develop the land for housing. It could be a very busy airfield if it was developed to cater for the GP traffic, shame on the owners, have they no vision!

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August 2018

Moorrabbin is still very busy with training and helicopter operations. Also commuter and regional service flights


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You learn new things every day !

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Air Kotta

A small airfield popular with gyrocopters, RAA aircraft, GA aircraft and crop dusters. Model aeroplanes fly here occasionally, and model rockets. Rabbit hunting is available on local landcare plantation. Yabbies are caught in large dam nearby.Camping is available, tie down area, bring own pegs, shower and flushing toilet, bbq.

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Very Safe Airport

Autogates are not enough for the airport.They also do a physical check of your passport.

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Drouin Airport - Beautiful and really friendly!

What a stunning airport! Great facilities and really friendly people. Great coffee in the club room. Highly recommend visiting.

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Lovely fly in spot

Only 2 minutes walk to the winery, cafe or restaurant. Outstanding staff, reasonable grass strip. 1000m so good for just about any GA. First timers should perform a precautionary flypast to get a good look at the trees & approach/departure profile required at the Southern end. Tie down cables near the hangar.

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Visit the Aeroclub

Aeroclub holds a regular club day on the last Sunday of each month. Drop in for a BBQ snag for a few hours or make a day of it.

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(no subject)

What vhf frequencies are used?

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Great Little Airport

Wonderful, very very neat and tidy little ,trendy type of Terminal and and a nice neat Aero Club. It feels great out there in an Aviation type of way, great work. It has pottential

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Best fun flying ever

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Airfield Abandoned

RAAF LAVERTON is now only a VFR waypoint, look out for the BOM Tower that looks like a golf ball on a tee

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Lethbridge Airpark Victoria.

A terrific place to fly to and from. RWY 10/28 sealed. RWY 16/34 grass. Modern fuel facility. Friendly folk. Home of the Geelong Sports Aviators.

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Updated August 2017

I flew into the strip after getting permission from the owner via phone (number in AOPA guide on ozrunways). It had been raining heavy in the week leading up, but the strip was still usable, but you need to stay off the grass as it is quite soft. Also the first 100m of 09 was a bit boggy so I landed long. I was in a c172. Yes it is narrow, and 27 has an up hill slope from the threshold, but not a problem if you have landed on such strips before. Be careful of 09 departures at high density altitude/MTOW due to rising ground after departure. Landing fee payable in the shed, there is a money slot. All up a good strip, lovely location.

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I was wondering if this is an actual airport because on google images it just looks like factories.

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Where is this all coming from?

I'm reading all the negative comments and can't understand where it is all coming from...

I've been doing my flight training at Lilydale for the past year and it has been nothing but a great experience! Best value for money training that I could find in the greater Melbourne area. They have friendly and proficient instructors and staff. No landing fees, short taxi ways and you don't have to wait ages for clearance.

I would highly recommend a visit!

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Error in data

The website for the field is

The field elevation is 1150 ft.

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I did a TIF with another flying school here. Very nice VFR flying that can be done If you head northwest of the aerodrome. Circuits are also fun as you are commonly there with CT4As and sometimes PC9s as well.

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Runway Upgrade

Work has began to lengthened the current 9/27 runway from 1,830m to 2,200m & the surface is also going to be thickened to allow for heavier aircraft there is also talk about the airport having a tower installed due to increases traffic.

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Wrong spot!

The Omeo airstrip is to the SE of the township on the Great Alpine Road. Roughly 14/32. It's in the country airstrip guide.

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(no subject)

This airfield used to be used by the Pakenham Commando Skydivers (, who have since moved their operations to Tooradin. YTDN

The Pakenham airfield will never open again, considering all of the housing, factories and other things that are on it now.

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Good airfield in a small town

I am thinking of getting a plane to fly there

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Go to Coldstream

The most UN friendly money grabbing airport ever, do yourself a favour and use Coldstream instead. All smiles and no mention of paying. GIVE LILYDALE A WIDE BERTH.

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Fly in luncheons every Saturday!

Luncheons every Saturday at the GV Aero club rooms 12.30pm start, also Pancake breakfasts 1st Sunday of every month everybody welcome

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Former site Pakenham airport, Australia

Well and truly closed. The former runway alignment lies under the path of Greendale Blvd, Arden Ave and Sandalwood drive and the houses on the southern side of these streets. It also extends under the Shanagolden village property. Sections of grasslands to on the northern side of the former runway have been preserved as green lands and are protected to some extent by the existence of native grasses (assumedly protected from grazing for many years by the existence of the former airport).

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Aerochute Flying

Would it be possible to do some local flying with my Aerochute in the future , I am licened and the aircraft is Registered and has a VHF radio . Cheers Mark

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AVGAS $2.30/L(Dec 2015) and landings $10/engine.

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To anon

Get over your self anon they are not that bad. Get your hand off it.

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Casterton 16/34 is red brown and obvious around a mile further West of the green marker on the map; WSW of the Town

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Casterton is now a CFA Fire Bombing Base for Western Victoria with extensive facilities for continuous use during the Fire Season

At around 500ft ASL the main runway 16/34 rises significantly near the Northern (terminal) end and is nearly 4000ft of wide well groomed gravel - a very short grass cross strip would suit extreme crosswinds

The CTAF is 126.7 and beware the CFA operations will use other frequencies during a fire.

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Avalon Uses

Emergency Management Victoria operate their Large Air Tanker (LAT) Airbase from Avalon

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Flights from Avalon or Melbourne Airport to Tooradin?

Are there any flights from Avalon or Melb Airports to Tooradin - we have a wedding and coming from interstate?

THanks for your help...

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another base

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Great airport

lots of history and a great aviation museum with an Avro Anson. Nice bitumen runway. Airshow on in October 2015

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Greed Greed and MORE GREED

The most greedy and cunning family operated airport ever, lies and more lies from the Owners Son, and the Mums worse, the lies start the moment they open their mouths, STAY AWAY,,,

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No longer operational

Taken over by land developers about 2013(?)

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RWY 27 & 09 narrow bitumen strip

If wind suits. Land RWY 27 which is slightly uphill. And depart RWY 09 slightly downhill.

Com frequency 126.7

Narrow bitumen strip.

After landing RWY 27 turn around at runway end during wet periods.

Trees either end of airstrip.

Great scenic location.

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Lakes Entrance - flights to it

Do Charter flights operate in summer? Is Lakes Entrance a real airport for commercial flights of any sort or just for private planes?

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This is a great base to fly-in and visit area wineries. We had a great lunch once at Tahbilk, but there are lots of other cellar doors and restos around.

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Hangarage at Romsey

Does any one know who to contact about hangarage out there?

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Drove past it once

I would like to charter a plane to fly my wife and I from sydney to appollo bay for the weekend

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