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Planes over Sydney may 2017

Just the chemtrail expirmental flying group testing a new mixture. It works great!

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Wonderful Service & Free to land Private Planes

Port Hawkesbury Airport - Landed there a few weeks ago and it was a pleasure! Recently they had new ownership and I have to say they are great! They are offering more then ever; including ice, water/Gatorade and always have coffee brewing. Staff was extremely accommodating and eager to help. They had competitive fuel prices and no landing fee for private aircrafts which is great! Will be back.

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Eight or more planes over Sydney?

Can you tell me why there were so many planes overhead at ? about10:00pm, May 17th? Thanks


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Who maintains this strip?

Is is privately maintainede? Can anyone land there?

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Parrsboro airport

It's just a field

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This is a total shame

I fly my plane from Georgia, USA to Nova Scotia on a regular basis, and now I learn that the only general aviation airport in the Annapolis Valley is being closed. There are only a handful of general aviation airports across the entire Nova Scotia, and the very best one is being closed for 'possible' expansion of a business???? What kind of logic is that? Where am I supposed to land when visiting Kentville? Is the airbase at Greenwood open to general aviation?

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Short Sighted Municipality - Closing this airport in 2015

The excellent airport is slated for closure 30 September 2015. The municipal council has decided without consultation with the public to close the airport under pressure of the Provincial Government to sell the land to a nearby industry for 'possible' expansion. The province would not provide any money for the move and the local municipal council forced the facilities to consider consolidation at the nearby Greenwood Airforce Base. During the long draw-out process of deciding to close the airport, the uncertainty of the future, closed the flight training school and one repair facility. The future of aviation in the Annapolis Valley is in doubt and an excellent airport will have been destroyed

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Airport user for 20 years

This is the one of the best general aviation airport in Nova Scotia. Gas, flight training, mechanics it has it all.

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Landed here in the summer of 2013. Pilots beware! Runways are gravel and not very well maintained.

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Love the free landing

It's nice to land at an airport that wants the business for their community, CYPD is a friendly airport, cheaper fuel, no landing fees for private light aircraft as specified in their literature. However, like all airports as a port of entry make sure you know the entry procedures and when customs will serve you and the associated costs.


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Landing fees for small private general aviation aircraft

If you own a Cessna, Piper, Beach or ultralight aircraft be prepared to pay landing fees, stay away and spend your money at a community that welcomes your flying business .

I bought gas and later got a landing fee charge sent to me by mail.

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Free and friendly

This is a very nice, clean and friendly airport with no landing fees for private aircraft. I've landed here a few times for cheap fuel. Additionally it is a great starting place to fly around one of the most beautiful landscape areas in Canada.

It's the summer of 2013 and the flying is great, people in Nova Scotia are very friendly,courteous and so easy going.

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re: Wow

Isn't this strip closed now?

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who owns the airport?

Just looking since Waterville might be numbered. Who owns this Airpark? How busy is it?

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Margaree Airport

Visited the airport in August 2012. Beautiful asphalt runway, nicely maintained. No aircraft visible anywhere. Small terminal building, locked, looked largely unused. Three "hangars" of which only one looked servicable. Middle hangar falling down and full of non-aviation junk, third hangar closed with what looked like municipal ditch mower parked in front. No fuel, no telephone, and some distance from accommodation. This airport is close to the famous and scenic Cabot Trail, Baddeck, and should be crown jewel. Just add gas, a beater courtesy vehicle, an open terminal/pilot lounge and it should be busy all spring and summer. One wonders who built this airport, for what, and why it is well maintained but seemingly unused. Too bad really, could be a great destination.

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Overflew this airport last summer, was planning a possible touch and go depending how the field looked, but when we approached... wow... runway 27 certainly slopes DOWN.

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Still stinging

Private aircraft landing in Port Hawkesbury will be charged $500.00 fee from the airport authority. If you have any questions you can email me at Things are not always what they seem and these people who run this airport don't care.

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Landing Fee note

"Private aircraft will not be charged a landing fee however, a landing fee will be applied to all military, government and commercial aircraft."

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Stay away $500.00 fee

This was a private airplane that was charged the $500.00 fee. It said nothing about it on their website. They said no one ever complained about it before. I replied the landing fee at JFK in New York was a deal at $150.00 compared to Port Hawksbury. I will be contacting AOPA and CAPA about the fee.

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More on fees

This page does say that the airport has landing fees for commercial and military aircraft, but it doesn't specify the amounts:

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re: Landing fee at Port Hawkesbury Airport Canada

I'm sorry to hear about the fee. Certainly, there was none for my little Piper a few years ago when I visited. I hope someone from the airport can comment on this incident.

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Landing fee at Port Hawkesbury Airport Canada

Stay away. After contacting CannPass and recieving port or entry approval to land at Port Hawksbury, We were on short final gear down. The airport personal asked what type of aircraft we were. They then informed us that there will be a $500.00 landing fee. Remember their website says there is no landing fee. They were glad to charge this fee and said no other pilots complained about this fee. Looks like our US dollars will never go back.

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Margaree Airport

Paved 2500ft length. About 60ft. wide. Clear approaches to both ends of runway.

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Margaree Airport

It looks as if it's a perfect location for air access to the Cape Breton Region.

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past times

My wife spent her formative years here when her dad was stationed here in the late 50's early 60's His name was Harry Bisset ex Royal Air Force WWII Bomber crew Master Air Eng.

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A great facility now owned/operated by Sobeys. I used up the last 100LL just before a long weekend. So a call to verify availability might be in order.

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Century Flight Renaming

Renamed to the J.A.D. McCurdy Sydney Airport tp coincide with the arrival of the Cross Canada Century Flight in July 2009.

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Sable Island

Not to many people get to visit this place. I spent a month there plus I did some low level flying over it with a navajo.

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Be careful scud running

I landed here a few years ago. It's a very nice airport, but I would not recommend coming in VFR in marginal conditions unless you know the area well -- there's a high cable crossing across the Strait of Canso just to the west of the airport.

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Home away from home

Instructed for 4 years at GFC now at Waterville

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big trees at north end. Most jets cannot make climb gradient departing 33!

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So Close to Halifax and Dartmouth

A great little airport and so convenient to downtown Dartmouth and Halifax. I flew in here as a passenger in a Sea King many times during my Navy years. I went here once in my Baron to visit friends in Halifax - shortly afterwards I heard Shearwater was closed to commercial and GA traffic again, perhaps for good.

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My favourite airport!!!

This is truly my favourite airport. Not only can one consider it the gateway to beautiful Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, but I had the best reception ever, walking into the "terminal". This is a very small operation ... but a number of the local men (airplane enthusiasts all) were just hanging out there, chatting away, happy to talk to me about our plane, the flight, their planes and so on. We really had to tear ourselves away, as I think they would have chatted with us well into the night ...

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A foggy place

Landed here in our four-seat plane. Very cool to be in line in between huge jets, some landing after a trans-Atlantic flight. Halifax proper is very foggy, and even at the airport, the early morning can be a bit iffy. There is a Tim Horton's (coffee/donut shop) just outside the terminal, maybe a 5-minute walk, tops.

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