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•Mofolo North

•Diepkloof Zone 3


•Eldorado Estate

•Eldorado Park




•Meadowlands West



•Dobsonville Ext 2



•Nancefield Industrial


•Dobsonville Ext 4

•Meadowlands East

•Glen Ridge

•Mofolo Central

•Diepkloof Zone 2

•Chris Hani



•Dobsonville Ext 3

•Bram Fischerville




•Mofolo South

•Diepkloof Zone 1



•Klipspruit West


•Diepkloof Zone 4

•Dobsonville Gardens


•Moroka North


•Diepkloof Zone 5

•Mmesi Park


•Maponya Diepkloof Zone 6

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1 drum of avgas available in Iqaluit. date 2015/08/30

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re: No Avgas at Iqaluit currently

Reply to @philippe: Hi Philippe, we have a drum of avgas there if somebody needs assistance.

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re: No Avgas at Iqaluit currently

Reply to @philippe:

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No Avgas at Iqaluit currently

They were all out as of mid-July 2015, none expected until August.

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The mine shut down in 1985 and nothing remains at the airport.

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I was there

I was there in 1978 and 1979

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End Of Life

Meadowbank mine should arrive to EOL in 2018. The airstrip will be closed during the restoration process after the mine closure. Expect the runway to disappear at the end of 2018 or in the beginning of 2019

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First Air friend reported drunken fss, drunken maintenance c

I was just chatting with a friend who works for First Air up in Resolute. He was telling me that this past fall the CARS guy was wasted at work and they had to wake him up. Then later the same week the maintenance guy was suspended for driving drunk on the airstrip. He was telling me that first air had a bad crash there last year, a 737. Loss of life/aircraft. He said the guys were playing video games in the office when it happened. The weather was way off from what the guy was reporting then (the same guy who was drunk and had to be woken up before). Somebody has to stand up and do something about this kind of lawless operation in the north. It's aviation for x sakes, not a janitorial business. Transport should run these northern communities directly to ensure they are operated up to standard. How many people are going to die or risk their lives before something is done?

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Pretty good

One of the 3 acceptable operations in the north. (Iquialiut and Rankin Inlet are the other two)

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re: Not the base for Borek but anyway

*should read rwy 14/32

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Not the base for Borek but anyway

Borek is based in Calgary. The have an ops in iqualiut and resolute. Forget landing here in anything but a gentle breeze. Tight approach rwy 35 i think. RWY17 is for CAVOK and calm, daylight only. Takeoff is 17 only. The strip has some soft spots, a small wheeled plane could definitely end up in trouble here. I can't remember how long the strip is but less than 2000'. Seldom staffed. Drunk weather guy, drunk maintenance. Or if you are lucky they are all together absent. The most unreliable operation I have seen (possibly tied with Coral Harbor NWT or Iglooklik.) That is a place that I would be happy and relieved to here a VGM from! Pathetic operation it is.

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Spent some time around here!

Not a scenic place. Oddity of an airstrip too. Maintenance is good here, big strip (6000ft+) Somewhat of an ILS when it works. 2 NDBs. But same thing across the territory, unreliable service. The radio weather guy is usually high or drunk or having a social club in the weather office often stinks like booze or cannabis. You go in there and the guy gives you his whole life story. They aren't sure if they are CARS, FIC, or ATC. The zone is a bit confusing too, 25 mile control zone, but uncontrolled airspace. Same problem with maintenance on the runway as many northern strips. When I was there a few years back we had a near miss. I think they fired a guy over it and hired him back in another airfield. This one is staffed around the clock for weather; just go give the cars guy a nudge to wake up first. Nice to catch the news or some tunes on the mf though, its usually blasting in the background when you call up hhehe

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Watch out!

The maintenance folk go on and off the strip whenever they feel like it. Radio man is clueless about it. I was taking off here once and just as I was turning at the button the truck casually meandered out on the runway. When he saw me (almost on top of the plane he darted back and forth like a deer in the lights kinda thing. I called up CARS and asked her to repeat the traffic. She said (cheerily) none to report. I said ok thanks, just checking...heh heh (shakes his head)

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Same old same old north of 60...

The weather guys here are clueless. Hard to get people to show up when you want them to, airport operation isn't what I would call 'safe'. Same all over Canada's north.

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this is good airport


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Kugluktuk (aka Coppermine pre-1996)

100 LL is available here. Time-expired but still good. Drums are sealed. About $450 per drum, full drums only. Co-Op is the dealer (867) 982-4231. Call-out charges after-hours. Bring your own pump, bung wrench and filter.

No tie-downs. 5,500 x 150 gravel.

Overnight stays not recommended if on floats due to exposed location, limited beach area and vandalism. Since you won't get an overnight hotel room during the summer anyway, fly out to a good fishing spot and camp for the night.

No camping at the airport but there is a campsite about a mile from the airport. No taxi - you'll have to bum a ride (what can I say - we're embarrassingly backward!).

Contact the local resident pilot (through the RCMP) for possible assistance.

larrywh AT for further info.

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Original User comment...early 1970's

This strip was a mess the last time I saw it...early breakup that year. Came out in a ski mod twin otter, with the mud flying all over the sides of the plane...

Back earlier, in that winter, it was fine...we used an Electra and had Herc's in all the time...we drilled a single hole and left. (dry)...

Enjoyed an afternoon tea with Dr. Kent from BP London one day while there...he was fog'ed out of his strip and stopped by to wait it out. This was the "Head Knocker" of BP Oil's Geology Dept, found oil all over the world...very interesting guy to pass some time with...

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Contact info

Operator: +1 867 979-5224 (Nunavut government)

Fuel (Jet-A, 100LL by prior arrangement): +1 867 979-1620 or +1 867 979-2855

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Contact info

Operator: +1 867 645-8200 (Nunavut government)

Fuel (100LL, Jet-A): +1 867 645-3150, +1 867 645-6920, +1 867 645-6922

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Contact info

Operator: +1 867 983-4002 (Nunavut government)

Community Aerodrome Radio Service (CARS): +1 867 983-2501

Fuel (100LL, Jet-A): +1 867 983-2501

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Contact info

Airport operator: +1 867 645-8200 (Nunavut government)

Community Aerodrome Radio Station (CARS): +1 867 793-2931

Fuel (100LL, Jet-A, Jet-B): +1 867 793-2234 or +1 867 793-2928

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re: Gjoa Haven

It is not FSS. it is staffed by observer/communicators at a community aerodrome radio station.

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1985 (Maybe 1984) Visit

I spent a day or two here at the end of a month-long sovereignty patrol. We started at Lupin Mine site, Nunavut (65 degrees 29' 12.61"N, 110 degrees 21'1.33"W) in rubber boats (15-man rubber assault boats, for those with military experience) and made out way north along the Burnside River, up Bathurst Inlet to the top of the Kent Peninsula. From there we were supposed to lash our little boats together and motor across Dease Strait to Byron Bay, where we'd be extracted by C-130. Well, we got socked in by weather on the south side of the crossing point, and started running low on food and fuel. Luckily, the Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker HMCCGS Camsel was in the area, lifted us on board by helicoper, and ferried us across to Byron Bay on Victoria Island. The staff at the DEW station there treated us well, and we were warm and dry - a welcome change from our 33 days on the water and tundra. When the Hurc came in to get us, the gravel strip was so soft (it was beginning of August) he couldn't stop for fear of sinking into the muskeg, so we did an engine-running onload (plane rolling at the time), tossed the loadies our gear and packed-up inflatable boats, scrambled in the back while he taxied down the runway to the end, turned around, and took off for home. Looking back, it was quite an adventure. If anyone else out there remembers "OP OPINGAK ODYSEY", drop me a line at

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For some weeks in early spring 1975 we flew CH-135s from Alert down along the coast to a place known only as Ho Hum Bay restocking batteries and working out on that thick, old ice, supporting Defence Research Establishment (Pacific), I think. Dropped by Fort Conger, Cape Aldrich, Hazen Lake. Drilled holes through the ice and tried to get the char to bite at something. The char had more luck than we had!

In those days the station consisted mostly of ATCO huts. Comfy enough for the time we were there. I hear it is different now.

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re: Ice Runway

Reply to @bcrosby: Also PPR as they have security up there. The other ice strip in the CFS is Gahcho Kue CGK2 which is PPR as well.

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re: re: Avgas in drums

Reply to @david: I read a couple of books by a Minnesota dentist who liked to take his Super Cub for trips around the Canadian North - it sounded like he often had to arrange for drums at places he was planning to stop, and he'd take the excess on board as baggage. Then he'd fly for a while, find a likely lake to drop into (he was on straight floats) and then transfer the fuel from the bags in the baggage compartment to the fuel tanks.

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re: Avgas in drums

Thanks. It sounds like the Quebec side of James Bay and Hudson Bay is a better bet than the Ontario/Manitoba/NWT side -- I can't find any avgas between Moosonee and Churchill, except for maybe buying drums.

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re: Avgas in drums

Reply to @david: drums are 205 litres/45 CDN gallons/54 US gallons.

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re: Avgas in drums

Reply to @philippe: I've been toying with the idea of flying up north some year, though not as far as Iqaluit. Are the drums 55 US gallons? That would be a bit of a pain in my Warrior, with a 48 US gallon usable fuel capacity.

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Avgas in drums

Avgas here is sold in drums at CAD$449 each (reasonable seeing that it must be shipped by sea in summer only!). You can only buy full drums, so plan to arrive with enough room in the tanks.

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Ice Runway

This is an ice runway that is in operation from Jan to Apr only. Check NOTAM for runway condition.

(I think this is the only ice runway in the CFS!)

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Accident on 13 December 2008

A Summit Air Dornier on a charter passenger flight missed the Cambridge Bay runway and landed in an icy field. No serious injuries, but lots of damage to the plane (according to a witness):

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re: north

It's just a bit further south than Alert (CYLT), which is the most northerly permanent airport in the world.

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its very north...i think its on top of the world! =P <3

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Geographic Center of Canada

Baker Lake is a small community in Nunavut, Canada. It is close to Rankin Inlet, Chesterfield Inlet, and Whale Cove. Fuel is available here (JET A for sure) and they publish a METAR and TAF for this airport. I have used this airport extensively in the past and the CARS (Community Aerodrome Radio Station) were extremely helpful calling for Cabs, the Fueler and the company that loaded my plane. I am not sure if there is more than one hotel in town but I stayed at the Igloo Inn which is a short cab ride into the community. Close by is the Northern Store, Hospital and High School to gain access to Internet.

There is rising terrain just to the North West of the airport so be careful at night or in poor visibility. Considering it's location it was pretty well suited with services that should take care of most peoples needs if they are just passing through.

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Gjoa Haven

Onlt been there in the summer. Nicest FSS crew around.

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