Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile

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Misplace Location on Windyty for SHLC

SHLC (-34.384 S, -79.751 W) is located on Windyty in the Pacific Ocean, near Juan Fernandez island. It's correct location is on the continent in Santiago Chile.

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Ainda vou visitar Santiago, é lindo este aeroporto, pelo menos vou fazendo assim, no fo FSX, He he

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Valley to the West

Very Good fun flying up the valley to the left... Welcome to Topgun should be a sign at the begining of it

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SCEL - Living Space

Very low ceilings on the way to/from the gates, kind of suffocating. Hardly any mechanical escalators to/from the gates.

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re: Mansel closed

Thanks for the comment. I don't see any sign of an active airport in the satellite picture, so I've marked it as "closed" for now, unless I find any new information.

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Mansel closed

Mansel airport has been closed for ever.

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RUNWAY 17---110.30---173º

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me encanta ese aeropuerto!

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