Brandenburg, Germany

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Runway is repainted, looks OK. Anyone knows if it's open??

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Small GA airport nearby Berlin

Fuel station AVGAS,

UL flight school "Flugsport Berlin"


Little snack bar

UL Charter possibility

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Great place and people so very friendly

I arrived by road and asked if I could take photo's and the people were so helpful

Just like to say Thank You

Regards chris

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Fine Airport

Very friendly and professional. 1200m RWY, nearby Berlin, nice lake. Look for traffic VFR. Good Restaurant. Search for EDAY. Greetings to my friend D-MIMY

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Fuerstenwalde Airport closed

Not existing, closed. Go to EDAY, nice, friendly, professional, opend every day from 8:00 till ss

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Cirrus Europe

Cirrus have their impressive lineup there, feel free to test fly:

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re: Closing all operations

Wikipedia says:

The airport is currently closed to air-traffic, although the concrete paved runway has been designated for use by cargo flights in the event of an emergency. There is an aerospace museum on site.

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Closing all operations

As far as I know this airport is completely closed.

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Mig 21.

To whoever I'm trying to locate the owner, club for the Mig 21 that is preserved in an old military shelter at Wezlow. Any help greatly appreciated. I can be contacted at

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only for skydiving: contact

only for skydiving: contact

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This airport (formerly in East Germany) is expanding to replace Berlin's other two principal airports. In 2011, when its new terminal is scheduled to open, it will be renamed "Berlin-Brandenburg International Airport". The historic Berlin-Tempelhof Airport (THF) is scheduled to close once the new terminal construction is underway, and Berlin-Tegel Airport (TXL) will close six months after the new terminal is complete and the airport is renamed.

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