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(no subject)

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Airport closed

Special permission for local flying club. RWY lenght 1200 meters.

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(no subject)

The runway length is 1200 meters only. It is shortend since the airport is closed for military aircraft.

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(no subject)

Welcome at a very nice place

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Transit Area

I am travelling from Mumbai to Chicago via Franz Josef Strauss Airport (MUC). I have layover of 9 hours. Do I need transit Visa??

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Nice Airport, nice people

Take care of wind N / NW!

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PPG friendly after PPR

Avoid flying over nearby villages. Don't launch or land in front of Hangar - use opposite end of landing strip for powered paragliders

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(no subject)

I checked the frequencies against the AIP, they looked quite OK. Only I removed the FIS - it was, confusingly, called an AFIS :( - because it is useless on a controlled airport like this one.

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Merged duplicate airports

Now just one record for this location.

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DELETE THIS. Duplicate

delete this

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There appears to be two Bamberge-Breitenau airports, EDQA and ZCD. They should be merged.

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New ICAO-Shortcut!


the former US-military airport in the city Bamberg now got the ICAO-shortcut "EDQA". Please correct this item. Thanks

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Transit VISA

Hello, I will be travelling from India to Bogota. I have a layover of 4 hours at MUC Franz Josef Strauss Airport and 5 hours halt at FRA Frankfurt Intl Airport. Do i need a transit VISA for either?

Thanks in advance for your help

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Shortest Runway

The shortest asphalt runway with 408m in germany and a 50ft obstacle when you takeoff to the west. If you can make it here, you can do it everywhere :-)

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RWY 20/02 / Comm 122.200 MHz

RWY 20/02 / Comm 122.200 MHz

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It's 'Riem' not 'Reim'

It is pronunced like english 'reim', but in german, it is written 'Riem' or 'München-Riem'.

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re: Frequencies are very outdate

If you have better information, please provide it.

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Frequencies are very outdatet

Please correct the frequencies or take them out.

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No, because you will stay in the transit area. You wont enter the European Union ( Schengen States)!

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Good day to you,

I will be flying from Manchester to Munich Intl airport. Im a South African citizen and will be returning home to Johannesburg via Munich. Would I require a visa to be in transit at Munich Intl airport to catch my connecting flight? Please advise me urgently. Sandy

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nice airport

with a good restaurant

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Runway ETEB

Runway at ETEB/ANS in 08/26 or a 083 -- 263 Mag.

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Nearly daily open with enough Pre-Time for PPR. Gras Runway in good condition. Near to Schweinfurt-City. No restrictions to time. Be careful in direction 10 to turbulence near threshold.




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re: Remaining runway

It looks like the foundations for the approach light system to me.

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Remaining runway

In the satellite image, there is a small section of runway remaining at the eastern edge of the development, beyond this there appears to be shadows which at first glance look like a continuation of the central markers, any ideas what this is? (zoom right in)

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Lebanon crisis of 1958, 11th Airborne /24th inf div. departu

This was the place where troops from these two US Army units departed Germany for operation Blue Bat. Largest NATO/ US operation between the Korean war and the Viet Nam war

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Don´t go there with N reg unless you have a noice certificate from EU country....instead of the promised "80-90 €," it cost me 282!

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re transfer question

Order the bus in advance and it is there....otherwise, city bus to train and train direct to Munich every hour.

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Training school

The German Army uses this field for their Airborne and Air School (Luftlande- und Lufttransportschule, LL/LTS).

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Bus transfers.

Is it possible to get a bus from the airport to Munich? If not can you make a suggestion using public transport.

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Dornier and German Aerospace Centre

The aircraft manufacturer Dornier Flugzeugwerke (later Fairchild-Dornier) was located at Oberpfaffenhofen from the 1950s until 2002, when Fairchild-Dornier went bankrupt. This is still a major location for the German Aerospace Centre (DLR):

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This base figured prominently in 20th-century history. It was the primary pilot training centre for the Luftwaffe during World War II, and later, the site of the Munich massacre at the 1972 Olympic games:

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Munich Air Disaster, 1958

It's just about the 50th anniversary of the Munich Air Disaster, when 8 members of the British Manchester United football (soccer) team and 15 other people died during a failed takeoff from this airport on a slushy runway:

The airport closed in 1992 and has been redeveloped, with only the control tower and a terminal building left.

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Flying EDJA

Beautifull location in southern Germany, friendly relaxed ATC

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