Champagne-Ardenne, France

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viva LFOK

LFOK is my favorite cargo airport at the time of our An-124 activity years .

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An-124 just arrived

for what purpose?

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Airport closed

This airport is closed since 08/01/2011

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re: LFSY is no longer Chaumont but CESSEY

Fixed the name and moved the marker.

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LFSY is no longer Chaumont but CESSEY

LFSY is no longer "Chaumont" but "CESSEY Baigneux les Juifs" !!!

Département : 21 (Côte-d'Or - Bourgogne) / Altitude :1300 pieds (1300 pieds) / Hardsurface runway 07/25 1360m

LAT / Long : 47.618 / 4.607----- N47 37 05 / E004 36 25

Private airfield, PPR request to Mr Unno, hameau de Cessey, 21450 Jours-lès-Baigneux, phone sur "liste rouge".

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No more airfield at LFSR

air base closed

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Under redevelopment

This is a former NATO, French, and USAF base. It's currently being redeveloped as a charter and cargo hub.

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