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Mod Base

Certainly is an interesting airfield to land at, big wide runway. Not a lot to do there other than have a tea or coffee. Being a military getting on and off can be a little difficult%. Bring photo ID if you want to go off camp and allow extra time to be ferried on and off camp.

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(no subject)

It's called West Wales Airport these days. And it's not in Aberporth, it's in Blaenannerch. It was called Aberporth Aerodrome back in the days when it was purely for use by MoD Aberporth (which was never in Aberporth but in nearby Parcllyn). Then again, "Aberporth" is a lot easier to spell.than "Blaenannerch." And a lot easier to say than "Parcllyn" (the Welsh double-ell isn't what a non-Welsh person thinks it is). But "West Wales Airport" is even easier.

It's never been the same since they extended the runway and re-routed the B4333 so it wasn't close to the end of the runway. There used to be traffic lights on that road for when a plane was taking off or landing, and a sign that meant "give way to low-flying aircraft."

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Flying with ELUAS

Flew from RAF Brawdy with the East Lowlands University Air Squadron in 1976, flying RAF Bulldogs. Incredible fun. First experience of the "Goldfish Bowl Effect" when the blue of the sea and the blue of the sky merged. Didn't realise anything was wrong, (and that I was disorientated), until the controls went all sloppy on me. Recovered facing toward land. Learnt a lot that day.

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Saint Athan

Saint Athan is a great airfield to land at £12 per tone very good with GA aircraft and you handled by Horizon flight training and you get to look around there hangar

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In relation to noise comments

As you maybe aware RAF pilots hate your noise too, the noise of your lips spewing drivel and the intensely deafening sound off your fingers on your keyboard. May you do us all a favor and back track to your house and fold your wings, RAF guys and girls on the other hand keep up the good work!! Tallyho!

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Noise at Old Park Farm airfield.

The noise of the aerobatics is not from old Park its the RAF trainers who fly from St Athen to overhead Margam park to practice. We the pilots at Old Park would be very happy if they would stop as it annoys us too. Try contacting the officer commanding at St Athan and asking them to stop! We have and were told because its open airspace they can do what they want.And that is true.However if you do have an issue with the flying at Old Park call Rob on 07989537508. Then we can address the problem. The last thing we want is unhappy neighbours!

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You have a very annoying airobatic type plane taking off from your airstrip .Im sure there must be regulations for noise . All the other aircraft I have heard and seen have been fine. They take off and clear off. Im sure you will know what aircraft and how to baffle the noise.

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Air Cadets

I was also in the Cadets throughout the 80's and flew Chipmuinks on an AEF while staying at Brawdy!

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Airline Services

Citywings flies between Anglesey Airport and Cardiff International Airport twice a day both ways Monday to Friday.

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Mid Wales Airport, Welshpool EGCW

Home to the Wales Air Ambulance helicopter service, EGCW is a fitting tribute to its founder, Bob Jones, who died tragically earlier this year.

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Air Cadet Camp

Back in 1987 I attended an Air Cadet camp here at RAF Brawdy. Got to fly in a Seaking from 202 Squadron B flight. Great times!

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Air Cadet Camp

Back in 1987 I flew a DHC Chipmunk from RAF St.David's while attending an Air Cadet camp at RAF Brawdy.

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