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C 519

Delete this as it is a duplicate of C-519 that I just edited.

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C-233 Heliport

Delete. This a duplicate of H-233. My error.

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Delete this entry as it is a duplicate. When I edited this site, it created another C-272 with more accurate data. This is the old uncorrected site.

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I question whether this airfield is still used as the north end is being developed as something else. See:; and,127.2205033,213a,35y,90h,41.59t/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en

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Your location shows this facility in the parking lot/access road to what looks like an observation location. In addition an airplane (O-1A) is shown adjacent to this facility, but no indication how it got there. See:; and The heliport is actually located a short distance down the road from this facility with no runways as indicated in your site. See: What's the story? Please advise. I will edit this site to indicate this as C-406 heliport unless someone can demonstrate this is incorrect.

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Duplicate entry

Delete this entry as I tried to update it and it created a duplicate entry.

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Bongamri (C 263) Heliport

There is an adjacent helipad. See:

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Wikipedia ( indicates that Camp Giant (H-163) is closed.

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H-163 Heliport

Camp Giant Heliport (H-163) is located @[37°50’02”N X 126°48’56”E]; Camp Custer North Heliport (C-116) is located @[37°50’03”N X 126°48’56”E]. Is it possible that these two facilities are one and the same or is there a mistake in one or both of them? Please advise as I am totally confused. There is a heliport at H-163.

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C-161 Heliport

There is no sign of any heliport at this location.

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Yeonpyeong-Myeon Heliport

It would appear that this heliport is associated with a nearby hospital to which it is connected by road.

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N-208 Helipad

This is an athletic field with no helicopter markings "H": and,124.7144291,250a,35y,39.46t/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en

"Okchuk-tong Heliport" which I just submitted looks like a better candidate as it is appropriately marked and appears to be a military installation. Check out:; and,124.7054176,207a,35y,39.47t/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en-US

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Mokpo Airport

Airport is closed as a commercial airport, but remains open as a military airbase.

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Looking in GoogleEarth it seems like this is "built away" between 2004 and 2013!

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G-712 Airport?

Is this really an "airport" or a "highway strip," something you would see in North Korea?

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G-806 Airport

I don't think this is still an airport. It looks more like a long drainage ditch. Check out:

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C-719 Heliport

C-719 Heliport may be no more. Check out:

The area where this heliport was located has been redeveloped into high rise apartment buildings.

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G-500 Airfield?

I don't see an airfield, but I do see a heliport. Which is it? Please advise.

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G-522 Airport

Where is it?

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Re: Who Updates This Site?

Please note the following two statements that can be found on the Flight Status page.

"Flight information is provided by FlightStats, and is subject to the FlightStats Terms of Use."

"Notice: Some flights may be not be listed, especially for smaller airports outside North America and Europe."

You should probably check the airport and/or the airline's websites for up-to-date flight information.

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Who Updates This Site?

Do individual airlines update their flight listings? I am curious since I am in Jeju and was just informed by China Eastern Air via text that the airport is CLOSED at least until noon!

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Incheon International Airport is top class

My favorite airport in the world!

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Seoul Main Gateway

Now it is mostly hub for domestic and partly international

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ICH - Incheon International Airport -

5 Hour layover - a unique and efficient layout.

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The best sexiest airports. cool thing is its still under contruction!

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