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•Mofolo North

•Diepkloof Zone 3


•Eldorado Estate

•Eldorado Park




•Meadowlands West



•Dobsonville Ext 2



•Nancefield Industrial


•Dobsonville Ext 4

•Meadowlands East

•Glen Ridge

•Mofolo Central

•Diepkloof Zone 2

•Chris Hani



•Dobsonville Ext 3

•Bram Fischerville




•Mofolo South

•Diepkloof Zone 1



•Klipspruit West


•Diepkloof Zone 4

•Dobsonville Gardens


•Moroka North


•Diepkloof Zone 5

•Mmesi Park


•Maponya Diepkloof Zone 6

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(no subject)

It is found in Plaissance and not in Port Louis nor Grand Port

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The airport has been closed because of the tropical Cyclone Berguitta and will remain closed until further notice. All flights to and from the airport have been cancelled or delayed

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custom control

sadly the one thing that bugs me is, the amount of time you have to wait at custom control , been visiting Mauritius for more than 30 years and it has never improved and that includes this year too .

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