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Worst airport service ever

Worst airport ever... fully corrupted... Airport staff Ibrahim literally harassed me while I was visiting this beautiful country for the first time... I would never recommend anyone for it.... Very disappointed....

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(no subject)

how can someone apply for a job in murtala Mohammed airport

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yola to abuja on monday

What I want to say about Yola Airport,good flight

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How can I check if someone booked a flight departure from murtala mohammed airport and really there is a BTA

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Sarah Kenny

Sarah kenny

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I don't know

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ICAO missing


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Congrats on airport ranking

Officially the worst airport in the world, god bless you

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i was send back from Johannesburg all because my yellow card is not up to ten days before i travel

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B T A money

How much bta money to travel to new york from murtala muhammed international airport. Anybody tell me

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Flight to and from Kebbi International Airport

Air Peace Flies in an out of the Airport to Abuja

During the Hajj ( Muslim Pilgrimage) flight ferry pilgrims from mostly Kebbi and Zamfara and to Saudi Arabia.

Also during the the Ramadan and Christmas holiday period, more airlines ( Medview, Arik and Aero) fly to and from the airport to mainly Lagos, Port Harcourt and Owerri.Airports

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Appreciation To President Goodluck Jonathan..

I want to use this opportunity to give my gratitude thanks to my Able President GEJ on his archivements on Akanu Ebiam International Airport Enugu... It has been told but now I have seen it and it is done.. May Almighty God continue to him and lead him through to second tenure with more wisdom and knowledge to perform more...Amen... God bless Nigerian!!!!

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cant on plane

Its man in your country said he had 420.00 and he could'nt get on the plane with his daughter if he didn't have 900.00 and he is asking me for the money and I told him when hell freezers over and he text me this morn and said a friend has sent him somemoney

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I have a friend trying to fly from Murtala Mohammed but is being told he needs a health certificate costing 500.00 to board the plane back to the U.S. is this true? 500.00 is a ridiculous amount to expect a person to pay to return home.

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Want to book a flight from kogi Nigeria to the USA.

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Mr. John Dawson

Flight # Kl 0592/flight booking code: x56mr5/KLM/ticket #001-2150030834.... OK is this Guy leaving from Los Lagos/ Nigeria/ murtala Muhammad international departures from. And supposed to fly to ceder rapids, Iowa airport!!!! Please let me know if this is legitimate!!!

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8/13/2014 through 8/15/2014

Does anyone know if any KLM flights to AMS were cancelled/delayed or even departed then brought back due to the Ebola virus?

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Congretilation our airport

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Friend stuck at airport, need contact person, numbers to cal

My fiancée was supposed to leave from LOS to SF, CA, USA last Friday but have not heard from him. His previous residence was contacted regarding his status at airport but msg left could not be discerned and no contact name or number was left. How do I contact the airport to make inquiries?

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You are being scammed. Have you ever met this "friend" in real life? Is he asking you for money? Nigerians are the biggest scammers on the Internet. Even Nigerian-Americans will tell you not to trust Nigerians.

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increased fee's and taxes to fly from lagos to US 1700.00 he

He said he needed 3500.00 for a ticket and now needs 1,700.00 more to board the plane! He is a US citizen. What is this unbelievable!!!! is there any such thing???

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My friend is in Nigeria and supposed to be coming to my state on Saturday Oct. 26, 2013. He already told me that he had to pay an extra 100.00 just to change a phone number, now what the hell is going on..he is either a scammer or Nigeria is one screwed up country..

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re: This my land

Let them se us tru becuz of our land pls. Ask BjB

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This my land

Sam Mbakwe International cago airport,is where all de land we has ended. Ask. BJB

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flight to Memphis Tn. U.S.A. cost

What is the cost to Memphis tn. U.S.A.

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re: drug test before boarding plane

Its because your friend is in Nigeria

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re: departures elena moris

elena moris flight number:kl 0588

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drug test before boarding plane

I have a friend that has a flight booked and was told there is a drug test that cost $170.00 before my friend can board the plane why is that?

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I'm thrilled,the Airport is of international standards.I wish the good work is maintained.

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I dont understand why there have to be a certain amount to have to get toa flight. People are not getting on flights because they don't have 1850. Alot of people have lost their jobs. They are hungry and all the money they have is what is on them. As long as they have a flight they should be able to fly.

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Are there two PHG Port Harcourt City Airports?

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booked a flight

I was seeing if Peter Betts booked a flight to fort Wayne Indiana, from Lagos Nigeria sometime in October 2012.

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Akanu ibiam airpot

What is delaying akanu ibiam international airpot opperating up to the international level this year 2012.

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to get a ticket

i live in the united states and i was wondering if i could book a flight from your airport to iad(dulles international,washington dc) and when the next flight left and how much a ticket is one way? i am buying for a freind.

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How can you check if someone booked a flight departure from murtala mohammed airport leaving friday january 6th at 11:55 scheduled time and arrive in paris france at 6 a.m. scheduled time

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How can you check if someone has booked a flight departure murtala Muhammed airport (L O S leaving at 12.05 weds 19th oct 2011 arrival at London Heathrow at 18.50

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the airport is now taking a new-look.

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Happy to see this

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This intl. airport operating in in the commercial city of Kano, Nigeria is a small international airport with few flights flying internationally like KLM, Middle East, Egypt airlines etc. Not known for the infrastructure.

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