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Airports in the Philippines

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Thu, 23 Oct 2014

Hi guys! ...baka naman hinde ganun kahigpit ang immmigration kung nagsasabi ng totoo...ang ang mga documents is ok naman...kaya cguro may naoofload kasi nga may descrepancies sa mga docs or alam na nagsisinungaling...be honest na lang...kung talagang magwowork abroad magsabi ng totoo at maging legal para lahat tayo hinde na mahirapan lalo na yung plain magtotour lang...PEACE!

Kahit po ba tourist need padin ng invitation letter? Kahit meron naman hotel booking

Hi guys! I saw ur conversation, honestly super higpit na sa immigration ngyon..if ur going to SG, Malaysia, HK or Asian country. And that's ur exit point going Middle East.. U have to make sure that you have all docs with you like, Company ID, Invitation Letter from a friend or relatives.. And much better u have back and fort ticket and hotel bookings.. And light baggage only.. That you are suppose to travel or tours only. Base on our experince me and my husband decided to go in SG and we had a next day connecting flight to Qatar, which is SG is only our exit point.. But suddenly we are offloaded, Becoz we forgot to bring our Previous Company ID. And they are insisting that we are going to work in SG. Even we had back and fort ticket and hotel booking.. Damn feelings, better luck next time

Mon, 20 Oct 2014

im planning for the third time and hopefully,in gods will makaalis na ko..

who wants to have a group tour via clark airport this time in hongkong as much as possible before the month ends..kindly message me-09127528999

plan ko din umalis 2nd week of novermber.

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