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Airports in the Philippines

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Married aq sa foreigner pero dipa nareregister ang marriage namin sa pilipinas... Sisitahin po kaya aq ng immigration officer pag ang pinakita ko lang na marriage certificate ung marriage certificate namin d2 sa country nila??? Aalis aq ng bansa as tourist asawa q mag sponsor sa akin... thanks po

@ac How could you accuse those people who helped others to get out of the country using escort services? Not everyone else in this industry ay 'manloloko oe mamemera'. You could have met someone who doesn't have the experience or probably 'scammers'. Yung nangyari kay Pedro, pwede namang hindi mangyari kay Juan, ok? If the source charged you, that should not be an issue. Just put it this way; 'you need their services so, you pay - that's it!' Nothing in this world is free you know. Run after this people, pin them, that's your money! In the first place, Immigration Officers are just doing their job. If we, Filipino people put everything in proper place, these things will not happen. Hindi ko nilalahat but some people have hidden agenda at alam nila yun. If you are seeking for a job abroad, POEA is the proper place to go abroad LEGALLY.

Tue, 14 Apr 2015

wag kna mag paescort peperahan k lng ng mga yan kung wari eeschdule nila flight mo pero un pla paasahin k lng ng paasahain ako nag byad din ng escort pero pinasa lng ako hanngang dito pko s pinas mga mukhang pera yn mga yn

Travelers should realize that even after a trip is planned, things don’t always turn out exactly as expected. Some trips are more complicated than others, when “stuff happens,” it is reassuring to have someone you can count on to resolve problems.

You don’t want to be the one hanging on your cell phone to rearrange a flight or solve the ‘Offloading’ issues. You all need a Travel Expert who can offer you options you might not have considered. If you need travel advisers, we offer clients a FREE CONSULTATION 24/7 backup by phone and email. Call/text us Globe; 09052161434 or Smart 09293352061.

Hi, do u have mobile num nung escort?

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