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Airports in the Philippines

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as birthday gift for myself,id availed a tour package to thailand with a friend,for 3days..my friend was stamped for departure,but the IO hold me for interview at the backside of the counter,,im 3yrs unemployed,but i am OFW defendant and my mom have a small business,,they asked for my pocket money,credit cards and business permit..so sv q wla aq credit card coz i hate having utang,i just showed them all the remittance copies for previous 3months,my atm cards withdrawal receipt,and USD pocket money,,then they said i am finacially capable to travel,,then they asked the passport of my friend,when they check it,they saw that my friend just arrived 6mons ago,,so they wont allowed my friend to travel with me and cancelled the departure stamp to her passport,almost boarding time n,,then i said to them,how can i travel alone? magmukha aq tanga mag isa dhil first time q to travel...then suddenly they decided to offloaded me too..

isnt so unfair that they wont allowed us to travel/to have a tour..isnt its our right to travel and enjoy?

why having a local tour if were going to spend same amount in going oversea tour??

they are all so unreasonable,,,

Sat, 20 Sep 2014

Hi i got offloaded first last july 6 i had a ED visa and the re entry permit from thailand but still asking me a lot of supporting docs which is really impossible to produce , so they COMPLY me a lot of requirements, then i tried again last thursday for a different reason regarding my travel , and the immigration officer who was there is the same with the IO who offloaded me before, and the thing now is i show some fake ids and i admit at the end , she offload me but she say that she will not COMPLY me now, just offload. So the IO on the booth she suggest that saya the truth the next time, then the airline also said that offloaded is much better than compliance coz i can rebooked my flight in a different airline, is it really possible na?

The RP CAA AIP has absolutely nothing in the way of basic essential airport diagrams w/information for any airport in the Philippines. It would be great if they published airfield diagrams showing all runways, taxiways & markings for parking areas. It should also include valid ICAO identifier, valid LAT/LONG, Field elevation & all Frequencies just as a minimum. It is almost impossible to find any information online for Laguindingan (RPMY) airport. That goes for any other Philippine Airport. You can't even find an airfield diagram for Manila International in the CAA AIP or online. The only way is to subscribe to Jeppeson. RP CAA, please publish something. Thanks.

hi guys, need your help po. i sponsored my brother (under my name and not through a travel agency) papuntang UAE, however di ako nakakuha ng affidavit of support, meron lng ako support letter. Magkakaproblem pa ba cia sa immigration?

Mon, 15 Sep 2014

ok naman. i've been travelling outside the country since i was 13 years old (28 na ko ngayon). wala naman problem sa mga IO. last labas ko ng pinas nung june papuntang toronto. wala naman tanong mga IO tingin-tingin lang sa passport and visa tapos ok na.

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