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Airports in the Philippines

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Thanks for reply :) yes,i already have my bf's passport copy with philippines stamps,"the formal obligation", Pictures together with my families,money remmitances receipts and the invitation letter from my bf. yyaahhhooo!! worry-free :) And i'm ready for the interview even for the secondary inspection if necessary :)

"And at least, in last days it was also in TV, much immigration officer just offloading the people because they expect money from the passenger!!!"

you assume too much. if I HAD ASKED FOR MONEY, then why would i'd be giving free info? i guess you'll be needing a lawyer at your end.

i believe for whatever effort i make here.... some of you would not agree with the ideas i have already discussed. and to you sir / madam anonymous, why not try to apply for the position immigration officer. so that you too can personally experience or come face to face with the everyday life on the job.

if you really want to be heard, try to suggest abolishing POEA - so that those we encounter with can enjoy leaving without any hardship as you defined here under immigration authorities like me.

we too disallowed / deferred the departure of some OFW's because of discrepancies in the documents presented to us. (example to be deployed in dubai, but upon arrival at said destination, filipino workers to be taken to risky areas such as jordan, lebanon or any other country not within the specified contract). and then what, who's to blame again? the criminal act of an immigration officer?

we have seen our fellow kababayans, deported or denied admission to their destination.... heard their sad stories and experiences. but sadly, the internet and social media is really a powerful tool to spread the word. often times the wrong information is disseminated to others.

not all of us are perfect. not all of us are powerful. but i do plead that do not identify us as one..... "criminals." i had second thoughts in providing others here the information that could help each and everyone. the keyword here is common sense, for every declaration you make,,,, all we ask is just proof.

ang tao nga naman, tulungan mo man o hindi, meron pa rin hindi makaka-appreciate sa ginawa o ibinigay mo.

i am not accusing these subjects of yours as "traffickers". our role is not to "offload" for joyous reasons as you may be wrongfully have in mind. some dub us "power-trippers".... but then, who else is to blame.

to mention some of the encountered cases were for "employment' reasons, which i assume you may not believe. others are have fallen prey as "VICTIMS" of trafficking. and yes, the court has the power to decide IF a person has to be declined or barred from leaving the country for any case that would be against the passenger.

did it ever came to your mind about the thousands of undocumented filipino nationals who worked abroad? some of them fell victims to trafficking - promised of a good salary, but to suffer and anguish into the hands of their rude employers. how can they leave for home? their passports are in custody of their employers? so what do they do? run to our embassy for assistance. and then what? the government to provide assistance for their repatriation. (mind you - an enormous number of these cases are in the middle east. taxpayers money, tsk tsk. and then we are the criminals?

how 'bout the crack down of saudi? ever heard of it? (saudization?) - this is an interesting article... why do you think the government sent one of its key official there? of course you don't know? to plead for the fines that are suggested by saudi to be imposed on EACH filipino to be caught there with an illegal status. again, who' s the criminal.

and bottom line, what is the most common denominator of these people whom you wrongfully identified to me here as probable / suspected "traffickers?"

Mr. / Ms. ANONYMOUS.... they all departed as tourists. Catching a trafficker is a big thing, but saving possible "victims" of trafficking is all worth it.

please search also for the MIGRANT WORKERS ACT.

Thu, 17 Apr 2014

"i respect your opinion. and i am positively sure that you do have basis for such claims. BUT, based on data gathered from sources or the passenger himself / herself.... sometimes the purpose of the so-called "tour" travel is just a front for another purpose."

Even if some people called a tour travel just for another purpose, the decision, if someone has no right to fly must be in the hands of COURT and not in any immigration officer. In each democratic country the judicative, legislative and executive is divided. Only the court can DECIDE, if someone is just human traficker and if he/she should be offloaded or not.

Also the procedure you are using to try to catch any "human traficker" is not practicable. The interviews are starting sometimes just 15-30 minutes before the plain takes off. This brings the passenger during the interview in a stressfull situation and its not enough time to check if someone is human traficker or not. Also the passenger has NO CHANCE, because NO TIME to bring documents, which the immigration officer often expect.

Also much offloading reasons has nothing to do with human traficking. One passenger was offloaded, because the immigration officer asked him "why you dont fly from the city which is nearer from your home?". He answered "Because I was in hospital, i had medical issue". Then the immigration officer expected the medical examination from this passenger which he didnt have in his bag. Why the hell you are suspecting him as human traficker and offload him? It has nothing to do with human traficking, when someone didnt bring the medical examination and fly from another city.

And finally, criminal act is criminal act. Even if you are telling "some people are just using tour for another purpose", you dont have the right to offload innocent people. When someone is stealing something, you also cannot say "this stealing is good because....". Thats why, offloading people is a criminal act, even if you are trying to catch any human traficker. All another things why this is a criminal act I already said, you must give the passenger the right to not give any answer, also you are interviewing them without any attorney. These things are criminal act, even if you are trying to catch human traficker.

And at least, in last days it was also in TV, much immigration officer just offloading the people because they expect money from the passenger!!!

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