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Airports in the Philippines

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1. Company ID

2. COE and Leave Form with ID of Signatory

3. Bank Statement

4. Payslip

5. Latest ITR

6. Return Ticket

7. Hotel Booking

-Hmmm On my situation, I can only provide this LIST:





I can not provide (company id, Latest ITR, or payslip) since i am not working. After i graduate a year ago - My parent are financially stable to support me financialy. -Im just being honest on my situation. Plain intention is only for holiday. If there is anyone who can still advice for other any documents that i'll be needed feel free to comment. THANKS.

Thanks for the comment, I'll be just staying there for only 4 days, - im still looking for an alternative visa that could fit my intention, a visa that non-extendable for more than 4days.. I'm really serious for my holiday. I just hope that i can get a right information soon. :)

Update me on trip. Gudluck :)

Being "honest" does not apply to traveller who wish to find job abroad. YOU WILL DEFINITELY OFFLOADED! One needs to LIE and hid their agenda aside from bringing and completing all the documents needed in travelling. Government will always protect its citizens in going abroad without "proper documentation". Documentation of people for employment is far different from people going abroad for tourist.

To all tourist who wish to travel abroad, just bring all the documents needed like; Company ID, COE and Leave Form with ID of Signatory, Bank Statement, Payslip, Latest ITR, Return Ticket, and Hotel Booking. BUT, if you intend to travel and look for a job, these documents will not save you from being offloaded. Immigration officers will always find a way to tract these people. So, before travelling you need to do your homework like reading blogs, search for testimonials or better yet, find a travel consultant who could teach you the right way.

Reply to @rizalazatin: they refuse me to travel to HK though I have enough money.. I got offloaded twice :(

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