Map legend


Large airport
 marker Large airport (scheduled major airline service with millions of passengers/year, or major world military base).

Medium airport
marker Medium airport (scheduled regional airline service, or regular general aviation or military traffic.)

Small airport marker Small airport (little or no scheduled service, light general aviation traffic).

Heliport marker Heliport (no runways available for fixed-wing aircraft).

Seaplane base marker Seaplane base (no facilities for land aircraft).

Closed airport marker Closed (airport, heliport, seaplane base, etc.)

More airports and/or navaids appear as you zoom in closer on the map.

An airport icon will appear green when it is the currently-selected airport, or grey when it falls outside the set of airports you're currently viewing (e.g. not in the same country, not in the list of airport's you've visited, etc.).


Single member marker Single member an airport with a single OurAirports member (on the members map).

Multiple member marker Multiple members an airport with more than one OurAirports members (on the members map).