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OurAirports has many different ways to search. An air traveler can find an airport with scheduled service near her destination, a floatplane pilot can find the nearest place to dock for a national park, and a planespotter or private pilot can find all airports, big or small, by name or location.

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Search modes

There are two search modes in OurAirports:

find closest airports (default)

Find airports closest to a geographical location. You can type in any place name, such as Timbuktu or Yellowstone National Park, and OurAirports will attempt to find your location on a map and then list the nearest airports, heliports, etc.

You can even type in a street address, like 10 Downing Street, London.

find airports by name, etc.

Find airports by name or other details. You can type part of the airport name, like Narita, or the airports location, like Alice Springs.

Filtering search results

On the main search page, you can also filter your search results to see only the kinds of airports you want. There are four options:

any active airport (default)

For pilots, planespotters, and other aviation fans. Shows all active land airports, whether they have airline service or not (most of the world's airports do not have airline service).

Heliports, seaplane bases, and closed airports are not included in the results.

Here are the closest active airports to Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

scheduled airline service

For air travelers. Shows only airports that have regular, scheduled airline service — in other words, places you can buy an airline ticket to.

Some heliports and seaplane bases are included, since they have scheduled service: for example, Vancouver Harbour Water Airport and Monaco Heliport.

Here are the closest scheduled-airline-service airports to Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

seaplane bases

For floatplane pilots and wilderness enthusiasts. Shows only airports that can accept aircraft on floats. Currently, there is complete data only for Canada and the U.S., but we are adding other seaplane bases as quickly as we can find them.

Here are the closest seaplane bases to Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.


For the helicopter pilot or hard-core aviation enthusiast. Shows everything in the database, including airports, heliports, seaplane bases, and even closed airports. Big cities have many heliports for hospitals, businesses, etc., so the results can be very crowded.

There is no separate filter for heliports, because unlike seaplanes, helicopters can land at regular airports as well.

Here are the closest airports of all types to Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.