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Flyboys Restaurant

I would like to leave some comments on Flyboys restaurant at Mansfield Lahm (KMFD). I have always stopped in to KMFD on my travels to take a break, and I really enjoy the airport there. The Flyboys restaurant is without a doubt my favorite place to stop and eat. Heck I made a special trip one night and got weathered in. The employees in this place work really hard, and provide a great meal and great service. It is a family owned place and the owners and their children also help out. They are a riot and I always leave them a small tip as well. They are extremely friendly and whenever we walk in always ask "Where did you fly in from". It's kind of like the "Cheers" of flying. Anyway, I am sure, like other businesses, this place is also feeling the effects of our crappy economy, so I am asking all of you to help these guys out and fly in and have a great meal and conversation. I was there a week ago and heard that Flyboys is for sale. The owner is a military member from across the street at the guard base and his new position requires him to travel quite frequently, and is due to be deployed soon. It's very difficult to run a business from a distance, and I am sure even more difficult to run while still serving in the military. So, if anyone is interested in an already established business with the benefits of being on an airport, contact the manager Vickie or Kay at Flyboys and they can put you in contact with the owner. Thanks for your time. Be safe.