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re: First timer

Yes, 100% sure, kaya nga nagbayad ka eh.

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Na offload ka na ba? Need mo ba ng tulong? Tawag na at huwag matakot, kaliwaan ang bayad., 09269282479.

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Na offload ka na ba? Need mo ba ng tulong? Tawag na at huwag matakot, kaliwaan ang bayad., 09269282479.

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Offload Service

Call or text 09269282479 for any offload issue or escorting. Kaliwaan ang bayad.

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@Anonymous, Provide your company ID, Leave of Absence, Cert of Employment and Bank Statement (at least 3 months) or Bank Certificate.

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@Anonymous, yes you can still use it. You can change it if validity expires, just submit your marriage certificate. I am actually using passport in my maiden name until now. I didn't change my status though I am married for 34 years.

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2nd time travelling

@Anonymous, whoooaa, you overstayed in Singapore! They will see it my dear. Anyways, if you travel this time, get a 3 to 4 days stay, try to pass in other country, like Honkong or Bangkok then, get a connecting flight to Singapore, but be sure not to show your Singapore flight.

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@Anonymous, YES, this could happen and if you are reading blogs, you will see that scenario happens a lot of times! The atm must have at least 40k to 50k aside from the show money. You can also avoid it by showing a bank certificate indicating that you have money in the bank. If you are all working, just provide COE, leave of absence. Avoid getting ticket all together, tickets must be issued individually . Huwag ding sobrang haba ng biyahe, 7 days travel is no good for first time traveler, malaki ang hihinging show money. DO NOT MENTION ABOUT YOUR BF. Get a tour package, huwag yung airfare at hotel lang na kinuha online.

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@dolly, you need to wait for your Marriage Certificate and be sure you are recieving at least 4,000 Dirhams before you get him a tourist visa. Complete all the documents, and you'll never go wrong. Forget about the offload, it can be seen and he will be questioned again but do not worry basta kumpleto documents, wala na silang pwede idahilan para i offload siya. If there were remmittances in between you, keep the receipt, it can be use as proof as well.

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re: tourist lang

@snowy Just provide what is needed like invitation and affidavit of support (all original copy and authenticated in Australia). Do not stay too long. Should you need more info, call me 09052161434 -- it is free of charge. No strings attached.

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@dolly Just complete the documents needed for your hubby's travel. See to it that you have residency and receiving the salary required in the country of his destination para madala mo sya sa bansa na yan. IO will see the offload and he will be questioned for sure but if you can provide him the documents like invitation, your coe and affidavit of support, there's no way IO will offload him again.

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travel history

@dora Kahit mag renew ka pa ng passport mo or lumipat ka ng ibang airport. Ang record ay record. May sistema ang BID.

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Naia terminal1

@Freebird Huwag ka matakot, basta ang dokumentokumpleto at tunay, wala ka dapat ipangamba. It should be complete. Alam ng agency mo kung ano ano ang dapat mong i provide sa immigration to avoid offload.

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Please do no travel more than 5 days, baka masayang lang pera niyo. Call me, I will teach you how, 09052161434. Free consultation naman ako, no string attached. Just wanna help.

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@travel history

BID has a centralized system, they could still checked it. But according to one of my contact inside, 3 years nawawala na yan sa system. We just can't count on with their words. Before attempting again, you can do the following to check your travel information;


Who can apply?

An individual requesting for a document indicating the travel information

Where to apply?

BI Main Office, Intramuros, Manila

What to bring?

1. Checklist with complete documentary requirements

2. Application Form

How to apply?

Secure and fill out application form.

Submit duly accomplished form and attach the other supporting documents.

Wait for the issuance of Order of Payment Slip (OPS).

Pay the corresponding fees.

Submit the accomplished application form with the required attachments and attach original Official Receipts.

Present claim stub on the appointed date and time of return for releasing of Original Certification and Receipts.

Acknowledge receipt by signing the duplicate copy of the Certification before releasing the original Certification and Official Receipt.

How much does it cost?


Certificate Fee 500. 00

Legal Research Fee (LRF) for each immigration fee except Head Tax and Fines 10. 00

Express Fee 500. 00

TOTAL: PHP 1, 010. 00

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re: Group tour

Avoid joining others in your trip, if they're offloaded, mali ang sagot or kulang ang dokumento nila -- madadamay ka sa offload.

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re: Admin

If you're in doubt, ask for profesional help to give you better advice.

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re: operational

It is still operational naman but some flights were diverted to T2 and T3.

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Being "Honest"

Being "honest" does not apply to traveller who wish to find job abroad. YOU WILL DEFINITELY OFFLOADED! One needs to LIE and hid their agenda aside from bringing and completing all the documents needed in travelling. Government will always protect its citizens in going abroad without "proper documentation". Documentation of people for employment is far different from people going abroad for tourist.

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