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Canadian 900-hour instrument-rated private pilot, owner of a Piper Warrior II, open-data enthusiast, and founder of OurAirports.

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Updated — thank you very much.

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"Westchester County has affirmative policies encouraging the use of light general aviation at the airport in its effort to maintain a persified [sic] aviation community. Two of the five fixed base operators at the airport specialize in light general aviation services."

I arrived just before 11 pm for a 1 am flight. The checking and security lines were fast and efficient (much better than at a North American airport), and most of the restaurants and businesses were still open at midnight and beyond. On arrival, the passport/visa line was a bit disorganised, but on departure, I'd rate this as one of the best airports I've passed through.

We just had another burst, @ptomblin - I've cleaned them up.

While I like flying into Dulles as a private pilot, I had a very bad experience here as a passenger changing planes. I arrived on an international flight from Switzerland last Saturday, on time, with a scheduled 2-hour stopover. By the time I lined up for US immigration, lined up for the exit from the baggage area, then lined up again for a second security screening (totally unnecessary, since we'd never left the secure area), I'd used up most of the stopover time, and my next flight had already boarded. I made it on board after a very long run, but just barely.

So if you're switching from an international flight at Dulles, 2 hours is barely enough -- I'd suggest leaving more if you can, at least until the airport decides to stop abusing passengers with redundant security screenings.