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Float plane

Hi John Would You Have any space for a 185 cessna on floats

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Glen McCaskill

Trying to re-connect with you John, it's been far far too long! <3 Please fire me an email asap! **It's Glen's daughter Christine here.

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John Howroyd,

Awesome new colors on CFHUM... Black Red & Green stripes. Wishing you many more years of great high-flying fun. You've always been my most interesting and adventurous teacher. We could go flying again sometime!

Graeme Kilshaw

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looking for John Howroyd

Hi John,

I have a photo of you and my dad (Hugh Thomas) with the Staggerwing. I would like to send it to you via email. Please contact me at

Warm regards,


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Hi John

Hi John, Craig Finnigan here. I lost your phone # and havn't forgotten you!

Call me or e-mail. cell 250-740-7579

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