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update EBLE contact

Airfield is in CTR of Kleine Brogel, so contact Kleine Brogel Approach 122.500 or Tower 134.100, if not active Call Beverlo Radio at 125.525.

Airfield is PPR +32 11 34 27 39

Info on EBLE.be

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re: Leopoldsburg

Reply to @Jan_Olieslagers: Eurocontrol refers to it as "Leopoldsburg/Beverlo", although some websites refer to it as "Aeroclub Sanicole VZW". I don't know what to call it.

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Agreeing with the comment by FvH, I changed the name. Though formally a military field, this place is only rarely used by the Air Force, but sees lively recreational flying on weekends and holidays.

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Name should be Leopoldsburg

The name Beverlo Air Base is out of date. This field is commonly referred to as "Leopoldsburg", see chart:



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