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Great private airstrip with hotel

It was great visiting this little airport. Mr George who has tower duties and who owns the hotel next to the landing strip is a great character, very helpful with everything. The hotel is very nice and inexpensive. From the site you can visit local attractions like Edessa, Kaimaktsalan mountain for skiing, the picturesque village of Agios Athanassios, the Pozar hot springs, Nymfaio, and further away, the Prespa lakes etc. Highly recommended trip!

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Arnissa Airport frequency

Local frequency for gliders traffic is 123,4

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re: Runway info

Thank you - I've added the frequency on the Pilot Info page. Do you happen to know the runway orientation and length (e.g. Runway 9/27, 800m)?

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Runway info

The runway is earth and local VHF frequency 119,70 only when Aeroclub has airplane activities. Usualy Gliders and ultralights flying in the area

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