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(no subject)

I worked in sudan.khartoum north power station 1983/85.emy Stanley

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Respect les staff or emgration officers

I arrived at Khartoum airport with great happiness after 12 year's abroad from my home land Africa. But after I arrived it changed to the worst day of my life, I arrived with all right documents and visa from Sudan embassy in uk. With out any reason I refused to inter to Khartoum. I guas the reason may be I am African or corrupted officers. I have senn non African passengers they go through with out any problem. But I left Khartoum just after one hour from my arrival with disrespects staff uneducated.i fill sorry forthem. And sham on them just like animals. I don't know if they are in21st century. There are many things to say about them but for now animals is enough.

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Can you walk into the skies :-)

We landed there once with absolutley no sight, closed airport due to sandstorm with a Pilatus Porter... no fuel left for alternative... Once we touched down our aircraft, a South African Captain in Duty for the World Food Programm approached us and asked: "Sorry, can you walk in the Skies?

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re: HSSS

Reply to @ptomblin: Yes, in fact is the ILS frequency

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re: HSSS

Reply to @jmblanco430: What is that second number, the ILS frequency?

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RUNWAY 18---110.70---178ΒΊ

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