6D6 pilot info

Greenville Municipal Airport
Greenville, Michigan, United States

Runways at Greenville Municipal Airport


4,200 x 75 ft (1,280 x 23 m)

Surface paved, lighted.


1,750 x 200 ft (533 x 61 m)

Surface grass, not lighted.

Threshold of Runway 36 displaced 389 ft (119 m)

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Radio frequencies for Greenville Municipal Airport


124.6 MHz



122.8 MHz


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Notices to Airmen (NOTAM) for Greenville Municipal Airport

Please confirm all NOTAMs at the original source! These are for information only, and may be wrong, out of date, or incomplete.

!LAN 10/004 6D6 OBST TOWER LGT (ASR 1219764) 430421.80N0850532.20W (8.2NM ESE 6D6) 1107.9FT (270.0FT AGL) U/S 1910010720-1912300400 CREATED: 01 Oct 2019 07:20:00 SOURCE: 6D6

!LAN 09/401 6D6 OBST TOWER LGT (ASR 1021427) 431239.10N0851559.10W (4.2NM N 6D6) 1246.7FT (371.7FT AGL) U/S 1909270355-1910270355 CREATED: 27 Sep 2019 03:55:00 SOURCE: 6D6

!LAN 06/072 6D6 SVC SEE ZAU 06/036 APP AVBL DLY 0930-0400 1906050930-1911030400EST CREATED: 04 Jun 2019 19:39:00 SOURCE: KLANYFYX

!LAN 06/071 6D6 SVC SEE ZAU 06/033 APP NAME CHANGED 1906041938-PERM CREATED: 04 Jun 2019 19:38:00 SOURCE: KLANYFYX