Atlantic City Municipal Bader Field [CLOSED]

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was a terrible idea. it was the best airport to visit atlantic city. walking distance to the casinos and hotels.

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Closure why?

It doesn't make any sense that the FAA closed Bader Field. It was a great little airport servicing AC and was easy to get in an out of; no red tape, no long lines, just fun. The excuse of the tall buildings being too close was a load. We used to fly over the President Hotel all the time and no one ever got hurt. I don't think until the Citation incident that there was ever a situation. It was good enough for Lindbergh and the host of presidents and officials. So convenient, a real shame politics had to prevail......There will always be a place in my heart for Bader Field. Check out my latest book "Bader Field" by Carl David.......

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re: Bader Field memories

I agree, having had many flights in and out of there over the years with my father. My latest book, "Bader Field" (Nightengale Press) is aptly named because that was the last place I saw my father. There is a good amount of flying in the book. (The cover has a shot of my Dad next to his last airplane (Aztec D) at Bader Field.

Carl David

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Bader Field memories

Great memories of Bader Field. My solo flight in 1967 was one my greatest thrills. My first flight instructor was Joe Trappy who also was the GM of the field. Joe also taught my dad at Wings Field in 1945. To think that Bader was closed for "development" purposes just gets under my skin. It was a great place for a kid to learn and grow up.

Jim Duffy

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hot day take off from Bader Field to Zahns Airport on Long I

hot day take off with a cherokee 140 and 3 on board was "very iteresting",through downtown atlantic city,YEARS AGO.

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If you want to see cluelessness in action, google for the OY-JET video. A jet registered in Denmark "landed" at Bader Field, landing downwind on a runway NOTAMed against jet operations, touched down at about the half way point on a runway that would have been too small for that jet even without a tail wind and without leaving half the runway behind them, skidded into the bay, and then after everybody was evacuated one of the jet engines seemed to start up and start pushing the plane around the bay.

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re: Just had to get this one in while it is still on the map

Reply to @XingR:

And that's one of the excuses they always use for closing airports. They build these monstrosities near the approaches (even though there are usually lots of other places they COULD build them) and then later claim that "it's dangerous to have an airport near all these people." In this case, they even build a sports stadium basicaly *ON* the airfield. *sigh*

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re: Just had to get this one in while it is still on the map

Yes, sadly the field closed almost a year ago, on September 30, 2006. According to the Wikipedia article, it was built in 1910, was the first aerodrome to be described as an "air-port" (in 1919), and was the founding location of the U.S. Civil Air Patrol (1941).

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Just had to get this one in while it is still on the map

One of the airports I visited on my solo cross-country training flights. I note thta it is now NOTAMed permanently closed so I guess it will be off the map soon. The approach into runway 29 at night, past the arprtment houses and condos wwas "interesting".

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