CLOSED Clinton County Airport
Plattsburgh, New York, United States

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re: Maybe closed to itinerant, but it's still open

I checked again with the Burlington controller when I overflew this summer, and he said that the field is closed completely now.

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Maybe closed to itinerant, but it's still open

It's still marked as open in the FAA data, although it has a remark "ARPT CLSD TO ACR & TSNT ACFT." I'm not sure what "ACR" is, but "TSNT" is obviously "transient". I assume that means it's open to based aircraft.

Picture of david

Closed to itinerant aircraft

This airport is now closed to itinerant aircraft, according to the Burlington approach controller I talked with today while overflying Plattsburgh -- visitors are supposed to go to Plattsburgh International (KPBG) nearby, an old military strip with a very long runway. The controller said that they were still using Clinton Co. for paradrops, and that there were still some local planes there (possibly including a DC-3 I once saw take off), waiting for hangar space at KPBG.

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Friendly FBO

Comfortable FBO ... not much food, but my kids were excited by the small bags of Fritos in the vending machine (can't buy them in Canada). They had a number of DVDs available for viewing, if you were stuck there for a while.

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