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re: closed?

Reply to @dmomper: It appears so.

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I think this airport may be closed, can anybody else please verify?

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What do you say?

I'm a Turk and here is in Turkey!

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İskenderun Airport

it is in Turkey come and see stolen sandjak is Aleppo and it is Turkish Arabs only %10 in İskenderun.Syria is not a natural country Crusaders created it is a part of Arabia.

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re: This is in Syria not Turkey

The Hatay area, with a mixed Turkish and Arab population, was assigned to the French mandate of Syria in 1925, but then became independent, and joined Turkey after a referendum in 1939. The independent state of Syria that emerged after the end of the French mandate still disputes the territory, but for now, it's internationally recognized as part of Turkey, and the airport is under Turkish control.

Here's some of the history:

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re: This is in Syria not Turkey

You are completely wrong.

For sure it is Turkey.

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You are copletely wrong

It is absolutely Turkey

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This is in Syria not Turkey

Syrian land not Turkey. The Stolen Sanjak

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