Ghale Morghi Airport
Tehran Province, Iran

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gale Morghi remebers

this is Ali Nasiri

I were in this airport many years ago , 14 year ago ,yesterday I visit there again , now it is a big park , and I only could image that nice area with that old air plains ,hope full dreams , long days,seems never want to end , ..., my email is volkaaaan@gmial.com , glad to revive from you abort Ghale Morgh !

salam dustan

man 14 sale gabl tu gale morgi budam , be onvane ye sarbaz , diruz bade salha dobare unja raftam , kheyli avaz shode , alan ye parke bozorge , BUSTANE VELAYAT , vali vase ma hanuz hamun gale morgie ke tush reje miraftam , sobh tu band varzesh mikardam, va moratab tanbih mishodamo kalag paro pa morgi ,.... , jozvi az zibatarin khaterate mane

emailam volkaaaan@gmain.com khoshhal misham age unja budin behem email bezanin

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ba salam fravan v beh yade rooz hay ziba v parvaz dar ghaleh

My name is saeed anvar,use to be an instructor pilot and teach at Ghale Morghi.me Email add is saeed281@hotmail.com . currently live in Canada.

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