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re: Transit Trouble..

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re: Transit Trouble..

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re: Transit Trouble..

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Gmr Delhi Airport — Misbehaved By Ground Staff

We had a flight on 25 Sep 2021 from IGIA ( New Delhi Terminal 3) to Colombo (Srilanka) at 4:15 pm (flight no-Al 281, seat no-20A, 20B, 20C, 20D). Between security checking and boarding gate 7B, we lost one handbag with expensive articles, important documents, and cash. and we realized this after boarding the plane. The in-flight staff was very cooperative.

However, a female ground staff (with a walkie-talkie in her hand) also checking the RTPCR report on gate no 7B was very rude. She misbehaved with my mother and my mom was pleading. Rather than helping us, she was harassing us. She even threatened to de-board us. She was behaving like she owns the flight and her language was very impolite and abusive(Abusive tone: "tere ko to main de-board aurat ko bahar nikal") this was the language used by that lady staff. She harassed my mother that much that my mother lost her consciousness & fainted in flight.

Is this the way to treat your passenger?? I want strict action against that lady staff. And, also I want to know what action you are taking.

I feel like this kind of person should not belong to any industry. I have a deep faith that GMR will help us and take strict action against that lady.

If I am not getting any help from your side then I have to look for other possible mediums to sort this issue.

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Constant Begging

I have a bad experience, requesting a wheel chair for my mother, no problem there. Whilst chair is being pushed, the person pushing the chair is constantly asking for money. What ever one gives is not enough. I ended up giving 500 Rupees, and that was still not enough.

Indian airports authorities need to look into this. India is the only place in the world where one gets constantly annoyed.

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Easily the best

Easily the best airport in the country. Spacious, full of facilities with proper service. Everything you could possibly ask for. Hope the standards are maintained over the course of time.

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beautiful airport


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igi airport

Very beautiful airport probably the best in india.i have visited this airport last year. Really magnificant facillities.

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Comment on IGI Airport.

Really this is an exceptiomal Airport. The people employed in the Airport are also very very good.

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Transit Trouble..

I wouldn't recommend this airport for connecting passengers... Been through here twice and the airlines in question managed to lose my luggage on both occasions.. Also, the transit areas are cramped and not very comfortable, with virtually no facilities.. Hope the new terminal is better..

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