Flughafen München-Riem [CLOSED]

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It's 'Riem' not 'Reim'

It is pronunced like english 'reim', but in german, it is written 'Riem' or 'München-Riem'.

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Remaining runway

In the satellite image, there is a small section of runway remaining at the eastern edge of the development, beyond this there appears to be shadows which at first glance look like a continuation of the central markers, any ideas what this is? (zoom right in)

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re: Remaining runway

It looks like the foundations for the approach light system to me.

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Munich Air Disaster, 1958

It's just about the 50th anniversary of the Munich Air Disaster, when 8 members of the British Manchester United football (soccer) team and 15 other people died during a failed takeoff from this airport on a slushy runway:


The airport closed in 1992 and has been redeveloped, with only the control tower and a terminal building left.

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