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Gawler Airfield.

Avgas is available, pay at Adelaide Soaring Club office if a visiting pilot.

Read the following documents on the ASC Website

Visiting Pilots Guide: http://adelaidesoaring.on.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Gawler-Fly-In-Instructions-July-2017.pdf

ASC By-Law 7: http://adelaidesoaring.on.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/ASC-By-Law-7-v3-Gawler-Airfield-Operational-Guidelines.pdf

If you read these documents you should be fine flying into Gawler. All pilots are friendly and welcoming. Accommodation is also available on the airfield. Pop by the ASC office for a chat and more information. We don't bite at Gawler :P

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Avgas availability

What's the Avgas situation. BP Garnett or MasterCard ?

Look forward to dropping in sometime.

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Flying to Broken Hill


We are to persons from Sweden and hope you can hlp us with to made a flying to Broken Hill tomorrow the 15 jan. If its possible can you made it?

We shall go there for to make some photografhy and only stay or around two to three hours.

Kind regards

Bertil Hagberg

Sweden and. Member of Ljungbyheds flightclub

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Gawler Aerodrome

I forgot to add, the Adelaide Soaring Club offers that there are no landing fees at Gawler for non-commercial aircraft

(although ERSA reflects otherwise). Surely that is a sign of 'welcome'!

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Gawler Aerodrome

I strongly back up the previous comment. The club at Gawler welcomes visiting aircraft to a great clubhouse that's well stocked with coffee, basic food and refreshments. Saturdays and Wednesdays are active powered aircraft days. Pilot members gather to watch, talk and welcome visitors. Mondays, Fridays, Saturday and Sunday are the most active gliding days - whenever the conditions are anything above poor! If ever you get a grumpy-bum at Gawler, call the club promotions officer on 0427 868 568 - and he'll have the culprit shot!

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re: Gawler Aerodrome

This is rubbish! There is a strong recreational and VH component to the Adelaide Soaring Club which now has a growing powered element. There is a new clubhouse and briefing room and visitors are certainly welcome. There can be a lot of traffic with gliders and tug aircraft so you need to listen to your wireless and follow the usual rules. There can also be several Jabirus in the circuit on training days - but this just means you will have someone to talk to if you call in. John Couper-Smartt

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Gawler Aerodrome

Pricipally a glider aerodrome run by a club.

It has fuel and hot water, nothing else.

If you know someone there by all means visit the place otherwise stay away they do not like visitors.

Having said that once they get rid of the current management comittee it will turn into a nice place, if you think I am wrong or biased then by all means go there

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