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This airfield used to be used by the Pakenham Commando Skydivers (commandoskydivers.com.au), who have since moved their operations to Tooradin. YTDN

The Pakenham airfield will never open again, considering all of the housing, factories and other things that are on it now.

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Former site Pakenham airport, Australia

Well and truly closed. The former runway alignment lies under the path of Greendale Blvd, Arden Ave and Sandalwood drive and the houses on the southern side of these streets. It also extends under the Shanagolden village property. Sections of grasslands to on the northern side of the former runway have been preserved as green lands and are protected to some extent by the existence of native grasses (assumedly protected from grazing for many years by the existence of the former airport).

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re: Closed?

Reply to @david:

Yes Pakenham is now closed. A freeway runs along what was the east-west runway.

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I received an e-mail that this airport is closed and that there's a road through it. I can see no evidence of the road in the satellite shot, but the "Map" view does show a road crossing the runway. I've marked it as closed for now - can any locals confirm?

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