Comment "Rude IO" on Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Philippines

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Rude IO

I was offloaded today, I had all the necessary documents needed; Invitation Letter, Leave of Absence Approval, COE, My bf’s OWWA and Blue Card and Roundtrip Ticket, I was supposed to travel there during this christmas season and come back on Jan.5.

The thing was last 2017 after I graduate, nagtravel ako Bangkok with my Bestfriend and upon arriving there, inalok ako ng dad niya ng work since he is an owner of chain of restaurants, I accepted it. He provided work permit and contract. Umuwi ako 2018 August. Tas ngayon lang uli ako mgtravel to Macau to visit my long time boyfriend. Hindi ako pinagpaliwang ng IO, he always cuts my sentence saying I have a bad record dahil sa pag alis ko ng Pinas as a Tourist and I was able to land a job. I tried to reason out pero walang kaabog abog na dinecline niya ako.

My concern is makakaalis pba ako for travel? Tsaka macclear ba yung offload record sa system nila? May time frame ba yun?

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