Katanga Province, Congo (Kinshasa)

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Duty Free contact details

Please can someone help with the tel no. of the duty free shop at Bangoka and Lumbumbashi Airports?

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Fuel (AvGas) Availability

Could anyone help with a current number or email address for fuel companies in DRC (for AvGas specifically)?


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re: Fuel Availability

Reply to @larry: the fuel companies operating in Lubumbashi are SEP Congo and CONGO PETROL. Congo Petrol is reachable at +243816558334 and +243999523889.

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re: Fuel Availability

yes there are at least 2 fuel company providing refueling service to aircrafts.

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Mauvaise position

La bonne position est à 7 kilomètres au sud de celle indiquée la piste est orientée 330 degrés et 150 degrés la longueur utilisable entre les deux croix était de 1000 mètres

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Korongo Airlines

Since April 2012, Korongo Airlines, based in Lubumbashi, started operations. At this moment, two destinations are served: Kinshasa and Johannesburg. More are to follow in the coming months.

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Full runway length is available now

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Kisenge airport

Runway is kept in good condition by owner. Avoid landing at tresholds due to soil degradation around numbers. Avoid turning pad at treshold 28. Water pond standing due to heavy rains.

nov 23,2011

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Fuel Availability

Is JET A fuel available at Lubumbashi? Any contacts for the fuel at airport?

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re: Likasi airfield

The position indicated by the marker is incorrect. The airfield is closer to town. Every year it deteriorates further and until recently there were abandoned aeroplanes in the hangars. The hangars now have no roofs. Some four aircraft were at Likasi - all are now derelict as the old flying club returns to mother nature.

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Likasi airfield

Airfield is overgrown and disused for many years.

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First 800 metres Rwy 07 u/s

ILS okay

August 2007

K Watkins Safair C-130

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Kamina Base

In use 13R / 31L

Viz quite poor Aug/Sept

K Watkins Safair C-130

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