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ENLA, Ula Platform

Data source: AIP Norway - https://ais.avinor.no/no/AIP/View/44/aip/EN_ENR_2_2_en.pdf#page=6

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Wrong latitude

According to https://community.windy.com/topic/7206/enla-ula-platform-wrong-position

correct position (coordinates) for ENLA are N 57 06.70 E002 50.80

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Decommissioned 2004 but still standing

Elf Aquitaine/Total SA owned and operated until October 2004. Still there hauntingly empty and covered in seagulls. Plans to have it sunk have yet to happen same with Frigg DP1 and others in the area but could affect current drilling platforms nearby so will likely will fall on their own.

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