Sharing @jymi's activity @ OurAirports @ OurAirports

Sharing @jymi's activity

You can share @jymi's activity on OurAirports in three different ways:

  1. an embeddable map for use inside other web pages
  2. a KML file for use with Google Earth, Google Map, and similar applications
  3. an RSS feed of @jymi's comments

Embeddable map

You can embed a live map of the airports @jymi's visited inside other web sites, using the following HTML markup. The URL for the embeddable map is

Here is some sample HTML markup you could use to embed the map in a 640×400 pixel iframe:

<iframe width="640" height="400" src=""></iframe>

Here's the embedded map that the markup creates:

KML (Google Earth)

If you prefer to view @jymi's airports in Google Earth, Google Maps, or other similar applications, you can use the following KML file:

RSS comment feed

To subscribe to a feed of @jymi's comments, subscribe to the following URL in your feed reader of choice (such as Feedly):