EGHG pilot info

Yeovil/Westland Aerodrome
Yeovil, England, United Kingdom

General pilot information for Yeovil/Westland Aerodrome

Airport codes



local airport(light traffic)

Airline service



Yeovil, England, United Kingdom


50.939999 | 50 56.399918 N | N50 56 23


-2.658610 | 02 39.516606 W | W002 39 30

Field elevation

202 ft / 62 m MSL

Notices to Airmen (NOTAM) for Yeovil/Westland Aerodrome

Please confirm all NOTAMs at the original source! These are for information only, and may be wrong, out of date, or incomplete.

L3006/19 NOTAMR L0955/19 Q) EGTT/QSPLC/IV/BO /AE/000/022/5056N00240W002 A) EGHG B) 1904290713 C) 1906300900 E) YEOVIL WESTLAND RADAR SERVICE NOT AVAILABLE CREATED: 09 May 2019 00:24:00 SOURCE: EUECYIYN

L3005/19 NOTAMR L0953/19 Q) EGTT/QLPAS/IV/BO /A /000/999/5056N00240W005 A) EGHG B) 1904290712 C) 1906300900 E) PAPI RWY 09/27 U/S CREATED: 08 May 2019 21:29:00 SOURCE: EUECYIYN

L3004/19 NOTAMR L0952/19 Q) EGTT/QPILT/I /NBO/A /000/999/5056N00240W005 A) EGHG B) 1904290707 C) 1906300900 E) NDB(L) RWY 09 AND RWY 27 INSTRUMENT PROCEDURE NOT AVAILABLE WITHOUT DME CREATED: 08 May 2019 21:24:00 SOURCE: EUECYIYN

Runways at Yeovil/Westland Aerodrome


3,878 x 121 ft (1,182 x 37 m)

Surface other (Grass), not lighted.

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Radio frequencies for Yeovil/Westland Aerodrome


125.4 MHz

Yeovil Westland A/G


130.8 MHz

Yeovil Westland RAD/APP


125.4 MHz

Yeovil Westland TWR

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