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Cricklewood Aerodrome was built in 1912 to support the Handley Page factory in Cricklewood, London, England. Handley Page Transport operated service to Paris from here until merging into Imperial Airways in 1924. The airfield was closed in 1929. Currently the area is built up almost completely with residential homes. The original reception hall and some of the Handley Page aircraft factory still remain as commercial real estate.

home of London's budding pilots

The Tube connections are really handy for getting out and into the heart of the city. Very efficient.

Fri, 13 Feb 2015
Anonymous flyer on RAF Waddington view thread

This is 30 mile from where I live and its brilliant

The first hotel at Humberside Airport was opened as recently as 2010. It is called Nightel and was designed specifically for people working on the North Sea gas field production rigs (which are serviced by fleets of helicopters from the airport). It has been so successful that the operators are building a new hotel for use by the general public. It will carry Hilton branding and is due to be opened in mid 2016.

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