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Listed separately from RAF Breighton

Although this airstrip is immediately adjacent to the (now closed) RAF Breighton, it uses a separate runway from the original, which is still visible.

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Confusing situation...

This is the western part of the former RAF base, including the North-South runway. It is operated by the Ouse Gliding Club. The Eastern part is operated separately by the "York Flying Club".

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Closed in 2015

Closed on 2015-03-01 for redevelopment.

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Northrepps Diner

Recommend excellent weekend 'Pilots Breakfast' worth stopping in for!

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RAF Bisterne

Now long disused, this airfield formed part of the Airfields of the New Forest during WW2. It was a temporary airfield mainly for the protection of the ports along the South Coast and for interdiction strikes into German held Europe prior to the Nomandy Landings. Very little remains today

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Cricklewood Aerodrome was built in 1912 to support the Handley Page factory in Cricklewood, London, England. Handley Page Transport operated service to Paris from here until merging into Imperial Airways in 1924. The airfield was closed in 1929. Currently the area is built up almost completely with residential homes. The original reception hall and some of the Handley Page aircraft factory still remain as commercial real estate.

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Lovely place

home of London's budding pilots

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Tube Connex

The Tube connections are really handy for getting out and into the heart of the city. Very efficient.

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RAF Waddington

This is 30 mile from where I live and its brilliant

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Hilton to open a hotel on the Humberside Airport site

The first hotel at Humberside Airport was opened as recently as 2010. It is called Nightel and was designed specifically for people working on the North Sea gas field production rigs (which are serviced by fleets of helicopters from the airport). It has been so successful that the operators are building a new hotel for use by the general public. It will carry Hilton branding and is due to be opened in mid 2016.

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day out with great grand children

very often take my great grad children here for the day the love watching the planes and helicopter taking of and landing plus with cafe just below the tower with ice cream sweets and burger and chips just to annoy my there parents

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One of the great airports in the world

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BognorRegis My home town.

I always wondered why I was born in Bognor Regis, now it makes sense to me. My parents were Lived in London until just after the war (my mother born in London and my Father born near his ancestral home of Ely, but grew up in West Ham). My Father was a Fighter pilot during the Second world War and in 1945 his was with 83 G.S.U. training on Typhoon fighters to go to the far east for the fight against the Japanese. At this time 83 G.S.U. was stationed at Bognor then Westhampnet (Goodwood today). So this would explain where My parents got the notion to move to Bognor Regis. My father had spent time there and knew what it was like.

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Heathrow will become better once Scotland gains its independence

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Sheculed Passenger Services

There Is Daily Regular Service Using Ethier A Bae(Avro 146 RJ)146 Up To A Island,A Single Jetstream 41 Service,And You Can hire private jets out of EGLF FAB(Farnbrough Regional)The Only Time It Sees The A380 Is At The Airshow.

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Flying into RAF Brooklands

Is there an option to fly into Brooklands, in a fixed wind microlight C42



many thanks

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Third Runway

The pratt who said now he has seen the Satellite view of Heathrow realize that a whole village will be demolished and a cemetery with all my family and friends in will be ripped up .

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Is fuel available either at Sandown or Bembridge?

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we came we stayed

Great place undergoing some major changes to overcome the financial crisis.. Good luck to all conceded. As it could be the best airport in the UK. With some luck and investment.

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Third runway at Heathrow

Now that I see a satellite picture of Heathrow I see just how easy it would be to add a third runway the other side of the Bath Road. Do th British want to keep a place in the Top Ten of European flight centers or not? Get on with it Brits!

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Now closed

Bristol Filton Airport is now closed

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A lovely little airfield , sadly closed on 19 Dec 2013

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friendly airport in the middle of england

greatly recommended

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Where can I go to from Ledbury airport and how much would it be

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Air Southwest

Air Southwest was taken over by Eastern Airlines in 2010, but ceased operations in 2011.

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Castle Combe

Now a motor racing circuit.

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Friendly, charming airfield with grass runway in good condition. PA-28 got in and out very easily. Short taxi ride to Cromer and nearby coastal walks.

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SAS to introduce scheduled services between Copenhagen and H

Scandinavian Airlines System are to introduce a scheduled service between Copenhagen and Humberside. It will commence on 28th October 2013 and will be operated on five days per week.

Over the years, Humberside has been very successful at attracting major flag carriers. As well as the current KLM services, there have been scheduled offerings from British Airways, Air France, Icelandair and Sabena. There have also been charters operated by Austrian Airlines and Air Malta.

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Humberside Airport wins another consumer award

Humberside Airport has been rated as the second best airport in the United Kingdom by The Consumers' Association, the publishers of Which? Further information is available on the websites located at which.co.uk and airhumberside.proboards.com

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airside trolleys

Modern airports provide airside trolleys, which fit inside toilet cubicles for security. Heathrow is too mean. This is an important facility for mothers carrying necessities for small children and for elderly passengers who find the trolleys convenient to lean on, while wheeling their cabin luggage and duty free purchases. I have heard LHR staff comment that they are fed up with collecting and stacking the trolleys. Apparently this is not a problem for staff at Amsterdam, Zurich and other modern, customer friendly airports.

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Fabulous place - will definitely return1

We recently visited this airstrip to be met with the warmest hospitality and as a result, had a fabulous trip to West Bay and the Dorset Coast. Thanks to Phil Parmiter for all his help and assistance. Rob and Deborah McKellar

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Good cafe open all week. Jet A1, UL91 and Avgas available. Within Shawbury MATZ which is usually only active 9 to 5 weekdays, 133.15

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Sandown (Isle of Wight) Airport Operational

26JUN13. Sandown Airport has new owners - Jonathan Owen and Tony Fowler. A major revamp is underway to provide, amongst other things, a permanent clubhouse on the south side and where the famous Carla will soon be based (refreshments meanwhile will continue to be available from the mobile catering unit near to the tower).

Communications: Tower on 119.275MHz (no change). Telephone: +44 (0) 1983 716926 (new). Website: www.eghn.org.uk and e-mail: tower@eghn.org.uk (both new). PPR is not required. Free WiFi is also available. Cafe telephone (Carla): +44 (0) 79302 42488.

Please see website for full details.

Landing fees have been REDUCED - typically the landing fee for a light aircraft is only £10.

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Try Sandown too

Sandown has been saved ...suggest supporting that too.

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Great airfield, friendly and helpful staff

It's great Bembridge is fully open again and I can vouch the staff are friendly and helpful. I go there frequently in my R44 heli; make a day of it and eat at the Propeller Inn, adjacent to the airfield, or walk to the Crab and Lobster Inn (about 30 mins along beach).

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new name

Kemble airport renamed Cotswold airport

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RAF Lakenheath

Loved it, my son was crew chief on F 15's years back.

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airfield info

Mainly microlights fly from here. Most of the old ww2 airfield is put over to Saturday and Sunday markets on the hardstanding of the old runways. One runway is used to park/store vehicles. The old control tower can still be seen tho dwarfed by a telephone mast.

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airshows and museum

Sywell has a great airshow every two years (next one 2014) and a excellent free admission aviation museum, open from march to October.

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Tristars and VC10s

The reason the RAF doesn't use VC10s for passenger is because they are old, knackered and there would be absolute bloody uproar if one came down whilst full of soldiers. Tristars are a similar story, they were twenty years old when the RAF got them in the early nineties, and as a result are similarly knackered, and spend a lot of time being fixed.

This is why the MoD has replaced these aircraft with the lovely new, fuel efficient A330 Voyager MRTT.

And the RAF charter in civilian carriers for the same reason other airlines charter aircraft, when demand for airtrooping exceeds the RAFs ability to supply it.

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The ATIS frequency for Bournemouth is now 133.725

Other Frequencys

App :119.475

Tower :125.600

Ground :121.700

ATIS :133.725

FR Aviation (Cobham) :123.650

Servisair :129:750

Skycare :130.025

European :130.175

Channel Express :130.600

Signature Handling :122.350

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re: KLM

That's great news! When the flights start, we'll toggle the "scheduled airline service" flag.

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Reply to @ELICE: en mi experiencia, el única problema serio con Heathrow es la espera larga en las aduanas. En otros aspectos, me parece un buen aeropuerto, y es fácil llegar al centro de Londres desde allí.

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The Passenger Experience

Humberside Airport has been independently rated as having the 9th best passenger service of all the World's airports. More services would be welcome. Scheduled services are provided by Eastern Airways, Flybe and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Charter flights are offered by Thomas Cook, Balkan Holidays and Low Cost Holidays. The long term car park is only 3 minutes from the terminal and it is possible to be driving away only ten minutes after landing. British Commonwealth and other overseas visitors can pass through the border controls in a very timely manner.

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Operating Hours


50£ fine for landing outside of thesse hours

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Acording to the official charts the fees are as follows

Microlights-8£-Overnight parking-10£

All other ACFT-10£- OVernight Parking

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Welcome KLM April 2013

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I am Navid from Huddersfield

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Raf Leeming based unit 100sqn HAWK T.1

RAF Leeming based unit 100sqn Hawk T.1

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re: Error?

Reply to @thesis: Fixed. (Just click edit)

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