Lampedusa Airport
Lampedusa, Sicily, Italy

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Closest AVGAS / Mogas supply for LICD Lampedusa Airport

Lampedusa is a small Italian island close to the Tunis and Libya FIR boundary. It is actually inside the Malta FIR and is situated approximately 95 Nm south/southwest of Malta. There is only AVTUR/JetA1 on Lampedusa. The closest supply of AVGAS/Mogas is at Malta LMML. Flying from Malta to Lampedusa typically takes 1 hour cruising at 95-100 Kts. So it can safely and easily be reached from Malta flying a heading of roughly 255. Apporaching Lampedusa (about half way there) be aware of the smaller island of Linosa about 20 Nm to its North which usually comes into view first and can be easily mistaken from a distance. There is no airstrip at Linosa.

Another island in this group is Pantelleria situated about 130Nm to the West/North West of Malta. This has 2 rwys but again only AVTUR/JetA1 - NO AVGAS. Pantelleria is the closest of the 3 islands to Sicily and also in the Malta FIR.

Apporaching Lampedusa from the north-east (flying

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