Perth International Airport
Perth, Western Australia, Australia

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WHere is it?? Everywhere else in the world there is a big board which I can read from 40 paces. In Oerth it is a small TV screen and I have to be within 5 meters to read it. Still no status Just a " due" time Wake up Perth.

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Jetstar International Customer Service

After a very long trip to the international airport to get first hand information on the flight status to Bali....due to the non-communication from Jetstar services re: flights to Bali,it was to our dismay, that no one, absolutely so one from Jetstar was in an information booth or was contactable. No person in attendance at the international airport from an airline that is supposedly, if you believe their advertisments, customer friendly. It has, this past week been a first hand experience of the lack of customer care and duty of care. It has been utterly, frustrating. The natural elements of course one can accept and understand and the airlines do have safety measures that need to be abided by. It is the total lack of duty of care to the paying customers that is unacceptable. I would not ever again, book or fly with Jetstar the subsiduary of Qantas. Qantas too, has been most unhelpful in their duty of care to customers. The customer service officers promised to sms, email and or phone for the past 7 days, not one sms, email or call. As a social media communicator I will make it a point to inform all, that the service received from this Australian airline and its Mother company, Qantas, were uncommunicative and unsupportive. The decision we make now is to delete all Jetstar and Qantas flights from our international itinerary, regardless of the discounted flights etc. Experience has proved that Jetstar and Qantas, are unacceptably not customer friendly.

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This airport has to hold some sort of record for the number of SID's and STAR's. I guess they want to make it look like a big place. ATC seem to think they are at Chicago or somewhere.

One thing in very short supply is ramp space, and the delays in getting to the runway (particularly early in the morning - everyone seems to want to depart at 0600) are unbelievable.

A very clean and pleasant city though.

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