Comment "Service at Porter FBO. Wow." on Billy Bishop Toronto City Centre Airport, Canada

Date of trip: 2013-06-15. Outstanding service. They'll drive you from the FBO to the ferry, and there is an FBO phone so you can call them to come pick you up. It's about 5 minute walk west, then south, if you choose to forego the drive. Then you can take the Porter shuttle bus to the area of the Royal York,a nd catch the subway (or a taxi) from there.

Fuel (100LL) was $2.00/litre plus 13% HST. Ouch.

Parking on the Porter ramp was n/c for less than an hour, or $25 for a day, or $35 for overnight (all plus 13% HST). I arrives at 11am Saturday, and did not leave until 8pm Sunday, they charged me for one overnight. For that length of time, that's less expensive than parking my car at a downtown Toronto hotel.

Landing fees at CYTZ are currently $11 (probably plus tax - have not received that in the mail as yet).

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