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Thu, 27 Aug 2015
Muzaffarpur airport
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Muzaffarpur is biggest and one of the best cities in Bihar and having its own impression in economical and cleanness city in North Bihar. But it only don't have is its own airport for traveling to other civilian cities of India . I have gone to patahi airport, it is not in a very good condition but have all of the other things like a hangar and a ATC but damage due to carelessness of bihar government by not giving priority to us or by ignoring us. Darbhanga and Purnea airports are operating for darbhanga and purnea people's . Because a Spirit company 9 seater aircraft is flying over my house in Muzaffarpur to major metro cities like delhi, mumbai, hyderabad, bangalore, kolkata and others. And it is a multi-engine aircraft as I have seen many times from my roof of the house . For muzaffarpur city, politicians always says that they will improve the city especially by opening airport for us but none of them again ever talk about that . It is very shameful for us in living in Bihar and at Muzaffarpur where lifestyle is very slow because in other states like UP and Rajasthan there are atlist 6 airports approved by AAI and connected to major cities and some airports are approved by state government for state transportation by Rajkiye Hawaii Adda. From Lucknow you can get air services for middle East Asia like Dubai and Abu Dhabi and to other UAE's. Karnataka and Maharashtra state like pune and Mangalore are also connected with middle East Asia but in Bihar only Patna airport I have heard and Gaya not so much.

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