Comment "Just had to pay a bribe at Tan Son Nhat Airport" on Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Vietnam

I just arrived in Ho Chi Minh from Singapore.

To those that said "I have traveled to HCM many times but was never stop to pay a bribe". Good luck to you so far. I have traveled to HCM countless times too, but finally, I had to bribed the A-hole officer.

I was scanning my bag at the x-ray machine, when the officer pulled me over. I had 2 iphones in my bag. He said I had to pay a tax of 10%, amounting to S$100. Under pressure of not wanting to lose my iphones, I paid the bribe of $100.

Seriously, Vietnam has to got to get its act together. When people ask me about Vietnam, I tell them the food is good etc, but I say the police and the airport is corrupt. If that is the image that Vietnam wants to create, then so be it.

My comment about Tan Son Nhat International Airport

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