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Sat, 10 Sep 2011
Still a nice place
Anonymous flyer on Greenbank Airport view thread

The area is beautiful - but the airport has slowly fallen into disrepair since the accident a few years ago.

Still a nice little airport for a summer diversion to be sure - but not the cheapest fuel in the area any more (both Lindsay and Peterborough are considerably cheaper) ...and during my last few visits (3 of the last 5) the fuel pumps were not working at all. Also - do not count on the ARCAL J working - during my last visit, i spoke with a few of the local tenants who mentioned that it hasn't worked in awhile.

The grass is well kept - and they host a few fly-ins over the summer months. (if you visit during a fly-in, you usually find a nice distinct centerline mowed on 16/34)

Snow removal in the winter is extremely rare (but really nice when it happens).

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