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Bolt here come grass under cΓ rr tyre surrounding electrified lights. Cooler here Elizabeth Here

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- Bolt here come grass under cΓ rr tyre surrounding electrified lights. Cooler here Elizabeth Here

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New NDB - RUM 320 kHz

RUM 320 on air March 2017 Rwy 26. 47 16 33 N, 011 27 54 E

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air base or heli base

is"t not a air base

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Tv Serie

Heliport von der tv serie Die Bergretter

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Runway 13/31 Grass is missing

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general info

surface grass , 700meters runway rwy33 , rwy 15

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landing and handling

nice airport.

landing and handling for ultralight aircraft was 9 eur.

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Your GA-gate to the Red Bull Ring

Next to Spielberg (Red Bull Ring, Formular 1 and Air Race Final 2014) or to Zeltweg Airbase LOXZ (Airpower)

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It's two helipads

There are actually *two* helipads in the LKH clinic. One is located on top of the surgical ward (the highest building of the clinic, located on the western edge of the area), the other one is near the pediatric (on the northeastern corner of the clinic). Both are clearly visible on Googlemaps.

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Visit in TimmAIRsdorf

Nice field and nice people. All operated by volunteers, opend from May to August. It seems to spend holydays by friends.

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fantastic airport !

Landing was 8 EUR for Diamond DV20.

Park next to super restaurant - speciality - Snitzel !! Don't miss it !

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very nice airport !

Landing was 12 EUR for Diamond DV20. Nice briefing room !

Restaurant looks nice but it's closed on Wednesday. Of course I came in on Wednesday :)

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Transfer use for Alps.

Transfer use for Alps.

alpstaxi dot net

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I found it very cold, I think their air con was on full or something?!

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it was nice and warm

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Hi there,

We would like to go to your airport. I want a information from landing and parking prices if possible. Can you send me info?

Many thank for help!

Capt. Erik Sz. from Hungary

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re: communication frequencies St.Johann

Added as "CTAF" -- thanks.

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re: How can I download CSV files?

Reply to @simurqq: There was an error in the script that generates the CSV files, but it is fixed now. Apologies for the problem.

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My Visit to Stockerau.

My visit on 14 Aug 2012 allowed me to fly a C172 with my cousin's son-in-law. A beautiful little airport with private flying club. A mix of sailplanes, motorigliders and powered aircraft. The C172 (actually an F172, built in France under license) rents for 195 Euros/hr wet. Fuel sold for 2.45 Euros/litre. We are so lucky in Canada. We flew west following the Danube to Melk,dd a 180, then all the way to Vienna as far a ATC wuld let us. Then back to Stockerau. A beautiful trip to remember. Upon landing, enjoyed a few cold local beers, right out of a vending machine. Now where would you find that in Canada.

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How can I download CSV files?

Hello there,

Sorry but I couldn't find a proper location to add my comment to except under my fav airport which is LOWW.

I checked the DOWNLOADS page but couldn't download the database files out there. Eg., the downloaded airports.csv file shows only the header information although the download page warns about a big filesize. It's ca.300kb only and empty.

Can you pls guide me on downloading the dbase files? Thank you!

Simon Sporrer

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communication frequencies St.Johann


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Ski Mariazell!

I never saw the airport, but Mariazell was a fun day-trip from Vienna, esp. during the ski season. Went there several times (by train) during the winter of 72-73.

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military airfield in the neighborhood

stay clear of the military airfiled in the west, especially when arrive rwy 10 or depart on rwy 28

kind of danger: permanent parachute activity within duty hours of military

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Military airfield

civil aviation need a permission for using the airfield by austrian department of defence

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Trausdorf airport does not exist

This aerodrome was closed years ago

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re: misplaced

I moved the icon to the vicinity of the hospital for now -- it's difficult to make out the exact helipad location on Google Maps.

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re: misplaced

Eurocontrol has a heliport at this location, called "GRAZ LKH" with ICAO id "LOGH".

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I would not recommend landing here ;)

It looks like a forest and, yeah, it is a forest and definitively not a heliport.

Maybe the heliport of the hospital about a km west was meant, although that one is not open to public.

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rescue flights

rescue flights could be based there (OEAMTC C4 needs a new helibase!)

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Yearly Event

This water landing area is active once a year for the Scalaria Airchallenge, a European floatplane fly-in and airshow.

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Webpage Airport

Check out Lienz-Nikolsdorf Airports webpage:

also available in English.

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Grass strip

My conversion script didn't like the fact that you don't have a designation for the grass strip but it looks parallel to the asphalt strip so I named it "13G/31G".

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I got my private pilot license with glider rating in 1974 at this airport in Austria after serving with the US Army in Berlin. Flew with a world champion named Haro Woedl. Great memories!


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This is my homebase

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World Rally and Precision Flying Championships, July 2008

The 18th World Rally Flying Championship and the 16th World Precision Flying Championship will be held here from 13-26 July 2008. Here's the site, in German:

And here are the rules, in English (PDF):

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