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That just sounds so creepy.....

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Must hold a specific qualification for IGS APP wonderful airport in the middle of the Alps ! Very nice place to visit :-)

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Home of Solar impulse (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_Impulse).

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MIL use only

...except for the Ju-52's that breed so well.

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Great little airport with plenty of action

Grenchen Airport is perfect for learning to fly, has hard surface and grass runway 07 / 25.

There are many nice special events, like the helicopter-weekend, and the modelaircraft show, besides parajumping and glider activities.

Or, take a scenic ride in a vintage Antonov AN-2, the largest biplane ever produced (which is stationed there) to the beautiful swiss alps and back, always a wonderful experience. Space for up to 12 passengers, flown by two pilots. See: http://www.avschweiz.ch/

The airport also has a Best Western Hotel & restaurant.

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biggest Airport in Switzerland

home of several Flying Schools - as an experienced Flight Instructor I can give you answers to all your questions about flying in and out of Zurich, VFR or IFR, during day or night. For more Info call +41 79 671 55 38

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Nice Airport near city of Zug, BUT PRIOR PERMISSION REQUIRE

probably nobody takes the phone when you call this airport. thats why it is very quiet here and you see almost no traffic on that airport. but you are anyway welcome. I can help to get a permission for your landing / training here. And I can help if you look for an aircraft to rent. +4179 671 5538.

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Gras Field - Like on the Green of a Golfcourse

Nice Airport only 20NM from Zurich with small Landing Fee and enough space for parking. Flying school offers all kind of Training there. Flight Instructors available if you need an Alpine Introduction Flight. Call +41 79 671 55 38.

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Highest Airport of Europe

Some people who arrive here are Kings or other celebrities - but you do not have to be one. You can easily fly yourself to SaintMoritz Airport - BUT for the first Flight you need me as your Flight-Instructor, because an Airport Familiarization Flight is mandatory. Just lets meet at your departure Airport and I show you the

beautiful way how to fly to St.-Moritz. +004179 671 55 38.

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Great little airport

I was there as a visitor a couple years ago, it's the home of a DeHavilland Tiger Moth, a Broussard, and other interesting aircraft. In summer, parajumpers are getting their ride in a Pilatus Porter, this is the perfect airfield for it (grass runway)

It's a real homey place, has very friendly staff and you can also get BBQ food there and just enjoy the activities from the garden restaurant.

Has a webcam too, just Google for it.

Comment by Herbthebird

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Visit to your airport

Dear Sir,

We with a friend of the AEROCLUB of Montpellier (France) we are planning to make a flight to your area and would be please to stay with our plane at your airfield from the 28 till the 30 of June 2013. We would be plaesed if you could give us the authorisation to land at your airport and that our DR400 could stay there till sunday 30 June 2013.

Trusting that you will give us your authorisation,

and waiting for your answer

Best regards


14, Av Melusine

34170 Castelnau le lez


Tel. +33 467723376

mob +33 608750336

mail: clatech@wanadoo.fr

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Bressaucourt Airport LSZQ

Since 2011 this new swiss Airport situated in a lovely countryside is open to all private traffic; we have been cordially welcomed and last but not least, had the pleasure to eat an outstanding italian cuisine at a fair price. Even 3 sorts of fuel are available ! Sincerely. YR

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MIL only

DUBENDORF airpiort is for MIL use only

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Closed to the public

Glider traffic only.

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Friedly and very good food

Verry nice and friendly airport, with a verry good restaurant.

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re: Closed Airport.

Thanks for the update. I've marked the airport as closed for now, pending any more information.

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nice, sometimes quite busy on the small circuit

nice, sometimes quite busy on the small circuit

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Closed Airport.

Porrentruy Airport is closed. Must use Bressaucourt Airport since summer 2011. About 3 km SW of Porrentruy.

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The Info freq is 123,500 MHz

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uuups ! where are the airplanes ?

close it down morons!1

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great place, great landscapes and clear skies, whenever there is fog elsewhere :-). And a very nice Restaurant too!

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Excellent food at the restaurant! Gorgeous salads!!

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What a pitty!


B) 09 DEC 2009 12:52 UTC C)30 JUN 2010 23:59 EST (B1231/09)


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Welcome to Thun LSZW

A very nice place close to Swiss alps! Homebase of eichair

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My home airport on ...

.. FSX missions;)

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Lovely little airport!

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re: Arrive early for your flight

Reply to @david:

Hi, Zurich LSZH is not far away by train and its super efficient!



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Broken WiFi

There were only two open WiFi signals showing up in my departure area (the B gates), and both of them redirected to the same server error on 2010-03-14. Unless you have your own 3G stick, don't count on working online while waiting for your flight.

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Arrive early for your flight

GVA is a only medium-sized hub, but it's slower than a lot of big airports like LAX or CDG.

When I arrived for an Air Canada flight on a Sunday morning, there were already hundreds of people in several confused long lines for the AC checkin counter more than two hours before the departure time, and service was very slow (most of them had skis in huge bags to check). The security line was also long and slow, and I heard loud British passengers complaining they were late for their flights. After security, you have to line up a third time to show your passport for exit control (that wasn't a long line), then you line up a fourth time to show your passport and boarding card at the gate about 30 minutes before boarding, then you line up the fifth (and final) time to board the plane.

The moral is not to cut it close: at least on the weekend, 2 hours early for an international flight from Geneva should be a minimum, not a maximum. Or if you can, pick an airport like Paris CDG or Frankfurt FRA that's a bit better organized.

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Ground transportation from GVA

Taxis are expensive in Geneva, even for the short distance from the airport to the Pâquis or downtown (CHF 34, more than EUR 20, for a few kilometers).

The good news is that you can take the train to the main station in the Pâquis in 10 minutes (there's a train every 10 minutes or so), or the 5 bus in about 20 minutes (it passes the exposition hall and the United Nations on the way). If you're staying at a Geneva hotel, when you check in you'll get a card for free Geneva public transit — including the tram, bus and train — for the duration of your stay, so the ride back to the airport will be free.

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First Solo!!

Did my first sole here a looong time ago! Note the shortness of the strip which makes it good for training.

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I once served here when there were jets flying.

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re: ID?

Thanks, Paul. I've switched it to the civil identifier, since that's more generally useful.

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I think this is one of those airports where the military operation and the civil operation have different ICAO codes - if you google it, you get about 50/50 split between LSTA and LSMN. The ICAO "LocationIdentifiersbystate.pdf" says that LSMN is the military one.

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Helibase of Swiss AF

viewing platform on the east side

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This airport has been closed for a while now.

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Contact info for Bex

An anonymous OurAirports visitor who wanted to book a sightseeing flight from Bex airport sent in this information:

"Just in case you ever want to know the number for Bex Airport, it's 024 463 24 40, and when you call that, they give another number: 078 607 97 22 and when you ring that, there's a message that he's flying and he'll get back to me ..."

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