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USA pilot wants to bring plane here

I want to move to Ecuador with my Cessna 172. I cannot find contact information about this airport to learn if I can rent a hangar or if there is a mechanic on the field. Can someone please help me?

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flight prices and schedule

Hi im joe gomez, can you tell me about flight prices from Machala on fridays in Febrary 2015, flight timeframe and schedule to Catamayo airport one way adult?

Por favor informacion desde Machala Gen Manuel Serrano airport hasta Catamayo y tambien Santa Rosa Regional airport para Viernes en Febrero 2015?? Joe 954-579-1599 en hollywood florida

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New Quito Mariscal Sucre Intl Airport Inaugured

Yesterday this Airport Start operations reemplacing de old SEQU Airport

Today spects first comercial flight of TAME at 09h00 local time.

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Yesterdey SEQU ends operations

Feb 19 2013 sussesfull 53 years of operations SEQU now closed :-(

All operations will be pass to new SEQM airport at few NM at EAST.

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Mariscal Sucre is now in the Tababela aera spect delays and long time ride from

Quito to the terminal

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Cotopaxi Int'l Airport location

Ecuador! Near Tungurahua Volcano - it's "SELT" 1.467N 78.442W 9147' altitude VOR/DME 117.1 NDB 260

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Interesting approaching procedures!

UIO airport is a very interesting and it takes a while to know the approaching procedures specially using VOR and ILS. Give it a try! A beautiful city in one of the best countries I ever visit

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I was air america pilot here I 1980s. Best to be well trained before arrival. Mountains 3 sides. Severe drop off cliffs on both ends. There is no go around unless you are in a fighter. Approach straight in land to west take off to east. Always low ceiling and fog mist. Surrounded by river. We could get loaded c130 in here. Barely. Had a leased dehavilland that was better and safer. Oh yes there is a volcano off the east end about 7 miles outnon otherwise flat terrain. This is a real got ya if you are not paying attention. Also we are missing a c130 and crew out there somewhere. If you find wreckage report it.

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re: Scheduled service to/from General Villamil Airport

Thank you. I've changed the airport entry in the database.

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looking for Gonzalo Holguin, husband of Maria Victoria

Please email contact info for above person if he is associated with the airport. Personal contact from youth.

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Scheduled service to/from General Villamil Airport

There is scheduled airline service as i saw firsthand, but only 1 flight per day.

Emetebe Avionetas

info from tripwolf as Emetebe's website is up and down:

Emetebe Avionetas (offices in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, Puerto Ayora and Puerto Villamil are given in the corresponding sections below; in Guayaquil T04-229 2492) offer inter-island flights in two light twin-engine aircraft. Two daily flights operate between Puerto Baquerizo Moreno (San CristΓ³bal), Baltra and Puerto Villamil (Isabela), most days except Sunday, but this varies with passenger demand. All fares US$158 one way, including taxes.

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Request biographical information on my great grandfather.

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Landed there in 1972 on a DC 5

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Seems to also been known as SENL and Lago Agrio airport (

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