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Had 24 hour layover in Casablanca

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Tarfaya Airport, souvenir, souvenir...

So, there was only an airstrip unpaved...

But more over Tarfaya was Cap Juby previously, and everybody is searching around "Le Petit Prince" and his fox depicted by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry during 1943.

Antoine was posted in Cap Cuy from end of 1927 to September 1929, and saved by bedouins in Libyan desert by 31 December 1935 after a crash...

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Has the plane ARRIVED

Has the ryaniar plane arrived at Fez

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Active Airport

I do not know which airlines fly here, but this is an active airport with scheduled flights

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It will be on 21 of july ,the first international flight from milan

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But this airport works or it's only on the paiper?

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missing baggage


My baggage went missing whilst travelling this route below on Tue, 3 Sep. 2013

Flight 1

Marralech MA to Casablanca MA

Dep:03 Sep 10:10 - Menara Ter 1

Arr:03 Sep 10:55 - Mohammed V Ter 2

with Royal air maroc AT402

Flight 2

Casablanca MA to Barcelona ES

Dep:03 Sep 11:50 - Mohammed V Ter 2

Arr:03 Sep 14:50 - Airport Ter 1

with Vueling Airlines VY7341

Flight 3

Barcelona ES to London GB

Dep:03 Sep 17:35 Airport Ter 1

Arr:03 Sep 18:40 Gatwick Ter N

with Vueling Airlines VY7824

I went to Gatwich Airport the next day to check if my baggage has been arrived there but it hasn't. I have also been checking it on the website of world wide airport baggage tracking with the file reference : LGWU242079 since my baggage went missing and it has still not been found yet.

My baggage tracking tag's details are down below




LGW VY7824 03SEP 17:35

BCN VY7341 03SEP 11:50

CMN IB7742(RAM AT402) 03SEP 10:10


0 147 826 883 AT

Please contact me by Email to if you have any information about my baggage.


Chie Umebayashi

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I think at least Ryanair operates scheduled flights between Madrid and this airport

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Best airport I've never seen in Arabic countries

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IFNI airport was built by the Spanish authority as well as all the city and There was a general consensus among all politicians present and the residents according to the local news that the airport is a vital piece of infrastructure in terms of the economic development of the Sahara region and particularly SIDI IFNI . Hence its has played a significant roll in IFNI Development .

Hence, thanks to the airport , IFNI CITY COUNCIL became the most beautifully progressive city in Northwest Africa, having around 5000 visitors every month, today no more than 100/year. Now, there is a serious threat whereby Moroccan mafia construction companies that want to muscle in and take control of IFNI airport's land .

Some voices pretend to use the airport land to built houses, we think that the city should be built but in the north or south areas: not at our airport's land expenses.The airport was built to remain.

Today most of modern cities have airport, because its a wise tool to bring success, freedom and peace to the residents.

Rumors suggest that the developer behind the idea to close the airport and built houses, is the proper minister of interior and member of his family.

We, the supporters and undersigned of the 'Save IFNI AIRPORT ' petition, call to put a stop to the "airports ministry" destroying project and we urge you to sport legacy, nostalgia and IFNI patrimony.

We request you to join us and say No to the closing and destruction of our airport's space.

Say Yes to keep IFNI airport opened as an operational airport.

Please write to your local representative and invite him/her to vote against this mafia project and to keep IFNI airport opened. Remember that thanks to this small airport the life of USA soldiers has been saved as will as many patients, are evacuated from around the city of IFNI to the city hospital.




The Save IFNI Airport Group will work behind the scenes, we will campaign to save the airport through letters to parliament, newspaper advertisements, radio media, letter drops, television and a variety of other media types. The group will also conduct community meetings around the airport and also in regional centers across Morocco , USA AND EU.

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When will it be opened?

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