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Old strip used for forest sprsying in the -60/-70s

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Runway id has changed

Runway ids are now 03-21

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(no subject)

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Good Morning

I am a retired Captain(KLM) and visit the Ny Alesund webcam daily. (I miss the webcam you used to have in the control tower)

The new high definition webcam looking out over the station often shows a small light just across the bay from the harbour. I am really curious as to who or what would be out there in such a remote place.

If you are able to satisfy my curiosity I would be very grateful to you.

Kind Regards

Murdo MacDonald

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Not exactly JFK though is it?

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Telephone number

Please see for info

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Your telephone number! Where to get it?

I am planning to fly in 1.6.2016 and want to know do you have fuel? 100LL?

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(no subject)

Apparently this is a seasonal or even occasional ice runway on the Mjøsa lake.

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Decommissioned 2004 but still standing

Elf Aquitaine/Total SA owned and operated until October 2004. Still there hauntingly empty and covered in seagulls. Plans to have it sunk have yet to happen same with Frigg DP2 and others in the area but could affect current drilling platforms nearby so will likely will fall on their own or scavenged for parts.

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Decommissioned 2004 but still standing

Elf Aquitaine/Total SA owned and operated until October 2004. Still there hauntingly empty and covered in seagulls. Plans to have it sunk have yet to happen same with Frigg DP1 and others in the area but could affect current drilling platforms nearby so will likely will fall on their own.

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cape town to bergen

Best flights from cape town to bergen

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i have never been here, but i have always wanted too.

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As of 08/10/2014 Værøy heliport is now submitting METAR in the same manner as for any other airport in Norway. How can this data be included so that i.e. Aero Wheater app for iPhone etc is updated with this information and METAR information submitted?

Best Regards,

Anders N Dahle

Lufttransport AS

AW139 Captain

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Dropzone in the forest

600 meter landing strip. Very friendly skydiving dropzone. There's a camp site, bunk house, common area with a bar and a small kiosk where you can buy food.

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Field info

Dimensions: 1500x30 m

Surface: Gravel

Fuel: JET- A1

Service: AFIS 118,1 MHz

More info at

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re: Morskogen NDB MSK 347

Thank you for the update. I've removed MSK from the database.

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Morskogen NDB MSK 347

Morskogen NDB MSK 347 deleted Apr 2011

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re: Information requested about Ler Airfield

Reply to @Jan: Is Ler Airfield in operation? Is there any contact PPR? We would like to visit Meldal in June 2011.

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Airports I have been to.

Kjeller Airport

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The friendly airport.

Runway: 15/33 1080M, Lighted, Custom (4 hour notice), Fuel: 100LL, Jet A1., Local wed. info.

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re: Name

Corrected - thanks.

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Should be "Moss Airport, Rygge"

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Should be "Sandefjord Airport, Torp".

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Norwegian Air Museum

Bodø is the main commercial airport and main NATO-base in the Arctic region of Norway. It is also the home base for one of the worlds oldest airlines (and the most punctual in Europe), established in 1934. It operates nearly 350 singel flight per 22 hours, year around.

Bodø is also the home of Norsk Luftfartsmuseum (, the museal authority on aviation in Norway.

Bodø is the regional center for an area the size of Denmark and has a lot of tourist activity to offer. One very popular attraction is the maelstrom "Saltstraumen", situated a few miles outside the city. Saltstraumen was depicted by Jules Verne in one of his books, as being the strongest in the world.

BOO is home base for search and rescue helicopter, De Havilland DHC-6/300 Twin Otter light transport squadrons and F-16 squadrons.

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Florø airport is the westernmost airport in Norway, with the North Sea to the west, fjords and mountains to the east, and the beautiful North Sea coast to the north and south. It is a 20 minute walk to the city center, or five minutes by cab. Florø was founded in 1860 and will celebrate 150 years in 2010.

Beware of strong wind along the coast, including the airport. Remember to check METAR and TAF before departure. Also note that as since october 1. 2009 the airport do not have 100LL fuel. You may get 100LL from the local flying club at ENBL (Førde, Bringeland) 23nm to the ESE. The tower at ENBL will help you get in touch with the club.

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Landing permission

It is not permitted to use Rena for civil air traffic except in emergencies.

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Pilot Controlled Lights

Transmit on 123.5 for 5 seconds. Lights turn off after 12 minutes.

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Joint Civ/Mil airport. Civilian part is the small apron on west side of runway.

Currently served by Air Norway twice a day.

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Cold War History

Bodø was a major NATO air base during the Cold War. In 1960, it was the point of departure for the U2 spy plane flown by Gary Powers that was shot down over the Soviet Union.

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Norway's oldest airport

Kjeller opened in 1912. It's mostly military, with a large maintenance facility, but is also open to general aviation.

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Landing fee

The landing fee is NOK 100.00 (EUR 12.50), waived with an overnight hotel stay. Prior permission is required for landing.

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My ancestor was whom this airport was named. I am proud.

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