Rostov Oblast, Russia

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ROV is not ROV :)

"ROV" IATA code was moved to the new URRP airport. You shouldn't mix them up.

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BA NDB frequency error

Frequency should be 1175kHz not 118kHz. Also has not been heard since Dec 2005 so may be off air/decommissioned

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Wrong frequency for Krasny NDB

Should read 1025kHz not 102kHz.

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Please we hope our packages are in safe condition to be delivered too our customer


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re: ICAO code conflict

This airport have index URRQ (in russian УРРЯ) - only AFTN index, not ICAO.

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re: ICAO code conflict

Yes, it was mistake, this airport has no English ICAO.

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ICAO code conflict

Unless this code exist in official ICAO database I think it should be changed to URRA. The Russian code is УРРЯ, which would translate to URRYA.

Reason for this is that Zavetnoe about 100 miles SE has УРРЫ which translates directly to URRY.

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